Sunday, August 10, 2014

TMZ Throws a Stone at Frankie J. Grande #BB16

And something tells me this is just the beginning of the TMZ coverage of Frankie's "fame" and "millions of followers".  TMZ hates Frankie, ya'll.

You just know they are going to run with this theme for as long as they can. Frankie said in his HoH blog that he wishes we all could see the "real Frankie" in the Big Brother house.  If the "real" Frankie is anything like what we've seen in the past 24 hours, there are sure to be a few people who drop a dime on him and call Harvey Levin with info.


You can read the article and view the Must See video of Frankie disclosing who he REALLY is... and how it's just been eating him up inside to have to hide his fame.

Oh, and he has a famous sister, too.  That none of them had ever heard of.

The MVP award goes to Caleb here, who calmly reports that if they were outside of the Big Brother house, he would knock Frankie's teeth out.  You've got to love Caleb.

It will be interesting to see how CBS handles the Big Reveal...will they show things how they really happened?  Or try to make Frankie and his "struggle" a hero?

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