Sunday, August 31, 2014

TMZ Scrapes The Bottom of The Barrel for Another Frankie Story #BB16

I've already commented on this situation in one of my posts earlier today.  I think they are just making Victoria's family look ridiculous, saying they even want Ariana Grande to apologize for Frankie's comment.

Like she can do anything about it.  Like she's even paying attention at this point.  She is trying to sell her album and broaden her fan base and appeared on America's Got Talent and the Today Show last week.  I read somewhere that she won an MTV Award and didn't mention Frankie in her speech.

Frankie's behavior was in extremely poor taste, and the joke went on way too long.  As usual, when Frankie "entertains" he has no feel for the audience.  The other house guests dropped out of the conversation but Frankie just kept going, oblivious.

You can read the "article", watch the clip and read the comments here.

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