Saturday, August 16, 2014

These Bozos Can't Do Anything Right #BB16

So two weeks in a row now, the Power in the house has been bragging and boasting that the would lose the Battle of the Block on purpose, to make sure their targets are on the block for eviction.

And two weeks in a row, they failed.

Christine was on the block next to Donny, for the sole purpose of throwing the competition so Donny could stay on the block and go home.  Caleb and Cody are also on the block, playing against them for the Battle of the Block.  You'd think that would be a formidable team to play against.

But you'd be wrong.

Caleb is just chock full of excuses.  I guess they continued the whole Zombie theme this week, because they had to search for "bones" that sounded like they had to fit in some sort of puzzle on "the wall".

Christine and Cody were all giggly in the bathroom after showering.  I know why she's happy...she just bought another week of safety in the game, but Cody?  His ass is on the block, and it might just stay there.

He and Caleb might have muscles that look good on camera, but I don't think either of them have the intelligence to organize a two camel caravan.  It sounds like Christine kept pretending not to find a bone, and she may or may not have tried to give Caleb a bone but was prevented from doing so.

Caleb and Cody stuck together during the competition, instead of splitting up to cover more territory.

Christine:  Yeah, you definitely should have split up.

Derrick came in to quickly remind everyone not to turn on each other.  And Derrick is the ONLY house guest right now who has NEVER been on the block.

Maybe it's just me, but if you feel like you have to remind people not to screw you over, you might not be in the best spot.

Maybe Derrick needs to remind Cody to stop playing footsie and start playing the game.  It's time, Cody.

Zach busied himself with doing dishes with Frankie.  Good idea, since as the surviving HoH Frankie will have all of the power over any additional nominations if the PoV is used.

Caleb is in the kitchen telling everyone that he thinks Donny had an earpiece telling him where to look for bones.  He says Cody found all of the "good ones" on his side, and that Donny must have had some outside assistance.

You know, I'm not much of a Donny fan, but Caleb needs to wake up and smell the coffee.  You got beat, dude.  And nothing is worse than a sore loser.

Caleb:  Well, we'll just have to win the PoV.

(That's what you said about the BoB...and the last HoH....and the last PoV...)

Zach sees Christine and says Donny definitely knows that Christine tried to throw it.

Zach:  He told Frankie, I know how you feel now.

Christine:  I got screwed over.

Zach:  You got screwed over?  How?

Christine:  Because everybody is extra pissed at me...I couldn't even act excited when we won.

Zach tells her not to worry.  Caleb must be getting paranoid, because he is showing up now during every conversation.  Christine complains about the situation.

Zach:  Hey, would you rather be in your spot, or his spot? (i.e. Caleb)

Christine:  True.

Christine pretended not to find any bones, but really found six bones.  She wishes she had pretended to put them on the wall and they didn't fit.  Christine did give Caleb a bone but Production told him to give the bone back.

(No way we'll see that on TV, right?)

Christine:  Donny and I could have won that in two minutes flat, if I had really played.

Zach:  Was it hard?

Christine:  NO!

She really expected Caleb and Cody to win, so she wasn't that worried at the time.

Zach:  We really need Victoria to go home this week.  This week is going to be a lot scarier than I thought.

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