Monday, August 4, 2014

The Shortest PoV Ceremony of the Season #BB16

There must not have been any outbursts or unexpected events.  It only lasted about 30 minutes, but since Christine didn't use the PoV there wasn't much content, I guess.

The first thing I saw on the live feeds when we returned was Zach carefully pouring out some cold water on a particular place on the (fake) lawn.  Maybe they spilled something there that would attract ants.

Frankie was visibly relieved to safely make it through this week.  He stood over the railing and muttered to himself "this is a mess" but didn't elaborate (for once) regarding what he meant.

Nicole decided to get some sun today.

Derrick was looking for something and couldn't find it.  I don't remember what it was, so it must not have been too exciting.

Zach was trying to take a nap and Frankie went in and interrupted him by crawling all over him.  You know, the usual.

Then Frankie and Caleb went out to lay out near Nicole.

They all want to take home Big Brother items at the end of the summer.  Caleb somehow thinks that BB is going to give each of them A CAMERA like the ones in the HoH room ceiling, but says he will settle for a beach ball.  Nicole says she doesn't want anything that can be purchased in a store...she wants souvenirs that you can't buy.

(I hate to break the news to Caleb, but Jeff gifted Amber with a fucking red plastic cup as a gift from  CBS.)

Caleb says maybe he can sell the souvenirs to raise some cash.

Frankie, winding Caleb up:  What else can you sell Caleb?

Caleb:  Probably my cowboy hat, if I sign it, maybe a few of my costumes...

Frankie:  What about the hat you're wearing now, with the Caleb and Amber stickers on it?

Caleb: No, I'm going to keep that.

Nicole is cracking up at all of this, but silently, so Caleb can't see or hear it.

Frankie, suggestively:  What else can you sell Caleb?

Caleb:  Huh?

Frankie:  Because I'll have that big stipend just waiting for me...burning a hole in my pocket.

Caleb, finally catching on:  You'd need  a hell of a lot more than that.

Frankie:  Hey, I'm a catch!

Caleb:  I'm sure you are, but for the right gay guy.

Frankie:  Caleb you just have to set me up with one of your friends who likes gay guys.

Caleb:  What?  Looks just like me?

Nicole:  Don't waste your time with straight guys.  Don't do it...

Frankie:  Oh, I don't!  The only reason why I'm so flirty in his house with all of the straight guys is because I have to be. Outside of here I always....

Frankie's sentence is interrupted by Nicole announcing that "something bit her freaking toe".

Caleb:  I'll find you somebody like Cody.

Frankie:  No!  I want somebody like you!

Nicole:  Frankie thinks you are the hottest guy in here.

Frankie:  I do...I say it to everybody.

Caleb:  What did you say?

Nicole tries to guess the order of the guys:  Caleb, Cody, Zach and then Hayden?

Frankie:  Zach, but 10 pounds ago.

(What a bitch.)

Nicole: What about Zach 10 pounds ago vs. Hayden?

Frankie:  Hayden.

Nicole:  Do you like long hair or short hair?
Frankie:  Short hair...Zach looks just like my most recent's shocking, actually.

Frankie says all of his dates have been "pretty gorgeous", but the looks are really secondary to the personality.

Frankie:  My first boyfriend was Israeli and Columbian...

Caleb: Yikes.

Frankie:  A beautiful, beautiful man.

Nicole got called to the DR and says "dangit...I was just getting into this conversation".

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