Saturday, August 2, 2014

The PoV Players Have Been Picked.....So Far, So Good #BB16

Christine, Caleb and Victoria have been picked to play in the PoV alongside Nicole, Jocosta and Zach.  Frankie is going to host, and he is so thrilled with that opportunity for camera time.

Zach is resting.  I'm not sure he has any idea that plans are being made to pull him off the block and put Frankie in his place.  They might even replace Jocosta with Frankie, but either way I think Frankie would be toast.

They shouldn't tell Zach a damn thing until the PoV ceremony, if this all goes down.  I'm not sure he can keep it quiet, and the stakes are high.  Unlike some fans, however, I DO NOT think Zach would sacrifice his game for Frankie.  Zach said it himself, he's a Con Artist, yo.

The mood in the kitchen is jovial.  Everyone is excited.  Derrick and Hayden are going to make some breakfast sandwiches.

Even Donny is as peppy as I've ever seen him.  He says he may want some eggs, but doesn't want to be any trouble.  He already had one Poptart.  Hayden explained that eggs are going to be cracked anyway, so Donny might as well have some.

They are all concerned with being Have Nots this afternoon, so they are trying to eat up.

Donny donned his HoH swag and cleaned the window for Production.  That window gets covered with water spots and cooking splatters, of course.

Donny took pride in his work, even kneeling down to look at the glass from other angles to be sure it is clean.

Hayden misses Amber being around to clean up after everybody and do their laundry.  All Hayden had to do was mention he was considering doing his laundry and Amber would just do it.  Donny said she never did his laundry, but she did fold it a few times.

Frankie says he needs to start walking through the kitchen once more each night before going to bed.  Last night he left pasta out all night because he was so used to having Amber put everything away.

Zach turned over and called out to Nicole that Victoria was calling for her.  Apparently Victoria is in the room, too, while Caleb is napping.  She's chained to him and can't sleep.

Nicole came in and Victoria explained the situation.  She asked Nicole if she would ask Jocosta to borrow her Bible, so she could occupy herself while Caleb rested.

They whispered about something---I think Victoria was talking about house guests who were chained together in previous seasons. She said they slept in the same bed "butt to butt".

Victoria said that when the casting process started, she started watching old Big Brother US seasons constantly, one episode after another.  Her parents really got into it, too, and commented on some of the situations.  Victoria even watched the online show Jeff and Jordan Do America, and was really into it, she says.

(She sure didn't act like a fan of Jeff when he interviewed her preseason.)

Nicole went and got the Bible for Victoria, who started flipping pages and reading.  Probably reading about Adam and Eve, right?

Cody is disappointed that he doesn't get to play today in the PoV.  He likes to compete, he says. 

Derrick thinks it may be the PoV comp that he really wanted to play in..the one where they are in harnesses and fly across the lawn to solve a puzzle.  Donny points out that Cody has never played in a BoB, but Cody laughs and says that's okay, he'll just play in the PoVs.

Zach got up and it looked like he was going to do something special.  Take a look at how every available surface in there is covered with clothes and other crap.

He went to storage and got a drink out of the fridge.

He stayed in there and drank the entire thing.  It looked like it might be a Bolthouse Farms drink, or something similar to that bottle type, so maybe he got some good nutrition.  He then went over to the counter and opened up a crackly package of something and ate two or three small pieces of whatever it was.

Then he went right back to bed.  And what a hella-mess in that room, too.  There are hooks on the wall for them to hang clothes from, but I see at least three empty hooks. I guess if I was in that house I would just give up, too, and throw shit everywhere.

(I would NEVER be in that house, though.)

Nicole laid in her HoH bed and tried to enjoy a few moments peace with her Luke Bryan CD. 

Frankie came in there and was talking some trash about people, and saying Donny is a lot more brilliant than everyone gives him credit for.  (Probably trying to pre-sell someone using the PoV to blindside Donny......HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.)

Then Nicole got Frankie to imitate her nomination speech.  Frankie did it, which was interesting.  She said that Jocosta was like her mother in the house and she hated to have to put her up.  For Zach, Frankie said something like this:

"Zach, in keeping with your Big Brother Dictionary tradition, I looked up the word Super Villain and only saw Evel Dick's picture.  You are way too cute and sweet to ever be a Super Villain".

Nicole: it wasn't even that fierce...

(Previously she was worried that she was too bitchy or mean.)

Frankie said it was totally in keeping with her usual personality, which is why Zach didn't yell at her.

Frankie:  You're totally America's are...


Then they talk about how Amber kept telling everyone that she had a huge secret that she couldn't tell anyone, but they have to trust her.  She said she had something she was running away from and they don't understand why she said all of that.

Frankie:  If something is that bad, then you shouldn't be here! Just go home and take care of it!

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