Saturday, August 23, 2014

The PoV Comp is Over....And the Losers Did Win Something #BB16

The PoV Competition sounds like the "Hold and Fold" card game.  Cody won, and gets to watch the premiere of some CBS show up in the HoH room.  He chose Donny and Nicole to join him for the treat.  Even though they are both Have Nots, they get to eat during the premiere, so they are exited.

So they lost the competition, but won a consolation prize.

Just like after the HoH competition, the losing players congregate in the living room, full of "coulda shoulda wouldas".  Donny thinks even if Nicole had made a different choice she is stressing over, Cody would have won anyway.

While the winning player and his team exert some celebratory energy in the Fire Room.

Derrick tries to bridge the gap with Donny and Nicole in the kitchen.  After all, one of them will stay this week.  I'm thinking the Team America challenge will involve Donny staying, but who knows at this point.

Frankie takes the opportunity to violate Cody.  I'm sure Frankie's shorts have a Diesel label or something, but that doesn't mean they are tasteful.  From the front these short always make me think Frankie wet his pants.

In the kitchen, Donny's plan is to wait to eat until the premiere, and then "stuff his face with popcorn".  Caleb warns him, saying he will get sick if he doesn't eat some protein first, but Donny doesn't seem too worried about it.

In the bedroom the celebration continues.

Oh boy.

Victoria is in extreme pain, with her wisdom teeth giving her a lot of trouble this week.  I didn't see it with my own eyes, but apparently Victoria collapsed on the bathroom floor this morning and Nicole found her moaning in pain.  Derrick came in and Victoria was whisked away to the DR to see a doctor.

She's been very concerned with her swollen face---you know how self conscious she is about her presentation.  Cody told her yesterday that it just looked like she had cotton balls in her cheeks, and she has been obsessing over that comment.

Victoria did not play in the PoV, but neither did Caleb.

Christine:  Your dad's going to be so proud of you.

(Cody's dad is a BB Super Fan.)

Cody:  He might...or he might be like, why are you winning and sending home Donny?

Apparently Donny started off really strong in the competition and Derrick said "groundskeeper my ass!" loud enough so everyone could hear it.

Classy, Derrick.

Cody: That was exciting.

As soon as Cody got this shirt on, he decided to wear a tank top instead.

Derrick came in and the two of them did their little "Hitmen" cock-and-shoot gesture.

Cody:  You know if the prize was really major, like leaving the house, I would have picked you.

Derrick:  Trust me dude, I'm fine with it.  This way, I can stay downstairs and keep an eye on Frankie and Caleb, do some C-blocking for an hour or two.

Cody:  And the two of them can't talk game to me up there during it...but I would have taken you if it were some leaving the house...

Derrick:  Yeah, I'd be like Fuck Donny!

The PoV had four rounds.  Towards the end, Derrick's score was so close to Cody's that he just started writing "I love Tenley" instead of really playing, so Cody could win it.

Cody:  Yeah, I saw that.

Derrick:  Nicole is so paranoid...she thinks we want her out this week.  Donny told me that Nicole came up to him and asked him if he was in on that...she's worried that he set her up.

Derrick:  Donny said he told her, I won the first round..

It sounds like Christine threw up crazy answers and made faces at the camera.  They took a team approach to the PoV, they are saying.

But let's face it, they're also making Cody the bad guy this week, the competition threat.

Cody sure picked a good time to start winning, didn't he?  The perfect time, actually.

See what I mean about Frankie's shorts?  Doesn't it look like he wet his pants?

Donny came in and they have some Team America chores to take care of.  Derrick wants to decide tonight what their plan is. so they can be sure of another $5,000.  He quickly left the room.

Derrick wants no part of appearing to consort with Donny right now.  There are too many days until live vote on Thursday.

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