Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Hit Men Take Aim #BB16

Last night at the end of BBAD, there was a little moment between Derrick and Cody that I rewound twice, and then found on the live feeds so I could watch it again.  This little moment has got to find it's way on the CBS show...surely.

To set things up, earlier in the evening Nicole and Hayden brought a plan to Derrick and Cody that involved taking Zach down of the block and putting up Frankie.  They wanted to know if Derrick and Cody would vote out Frankie.  Hayden and Nicole told them that both Frankie and Christine had directly or indirectly suggested Nicole put either of them on the block next to Zach if Jocosta came off with the PoV.

Nicole wants assurance for the votes, because she wants to be sure Frankie leaves if she puts him up.  She vows not to even tell Christine she is considering this, because Christine will tell Frankie.  They're on to Christine, too, not just Frankie.

So Derrick walked through the house, where Frankie was leading a loud abs session, the one where he counts out loud and claps.  As Derrick walked through the living room he stopped to dance a little with Jocosta, and then walked to the bathroom.

He ran into Cody, who was just coming out, and they took a quick moment to whisper.

Derrick:  In the DR, they said, 'the fucking hitmen?' and it's a joke's a joke...

Cody laughed, and started whispering furiously.

Derrick:  We have no choice...

Cody:  What, are we going to say no?

Derrick:  Yeah HoH, we don't want to work with you.., Frankie's trying to set us up.

Cody: He's done...

Derrick, taking aim:  Guess what?

Cody:  Get the fuck out of here!

Derrick:  BOOM!

Derrick:  You got caught again!

Cody:  I swear, just before the HoH I had asked her what about sitting with him in the end?  And I told her, I don't want to be next to him in the Final Two..and now..

They decide to just take it week by week with Hayden and Nicole, and see what happens.

While they whisper, Frankie is still leading exercises in the living room, but doing them with the voice of one of his obnoxious characters.


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