Friday, August 29, 2014

Sounds LIke Another Tasty Week for the Have Nots.....Not. #BB16

We all heard Julie Chen tell the house guests last night that there would only be one more week of Have Not action.  They were all happy to hear that.

But they might not be happy for long....the live feeders have chosen "Snot Roast", which makes me nauseous, just typing it.  The other choice did not sound too appetizing, either ---"Breakfast Eareal".

Now WTF is that?

Maybe the "Roast" is just that...a big hunk of meat to roast.  But the "Snot"?  I can't even guess, and don't want to.

Last night during the HoH competition, I did hear Derrick call out that he would volunteer, if it came to that.  I"m guessing Victoria or Cody would volunteer with him...right?

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