Friday, August 1, 2014

Scrambling in the Storage Room #BB16

So you probably know by now that Nicole and Donny won the HoH competition.  For the record, I think someone in Production screwed up last night.  With a competition like that, they want to make the HoH winner clear at the end of the broadcast..the intent is not to drag it out.

Usually when there is a question-type of competition, if there is a tie after a certain number of questions, they go to their chalkboards and have a tie-breaker.  I think Julie said that there would be 12 questions, so after there was still a tie after 11 questions, I was very surprised they didn't break out the chalkboards right then and there.

When we went to commercial, I was expecting a reveal of the tie break, to be honest.  Maybe the  fact that they still had a number of people in the running threw them off.  Everyone is making fun of The Chenbot's robotic malfunction, but it's not her job to host the show and watch the clock, too.  There is a whole production team that is counting down to commercial and calling the plays....Julie is the quarterback out there, but she can't do it all.

OK. so just a few minutes after everyone is back in the house and adjusting to what just happened, Zach and Hayden go to the storage room.  Zach is a bundle of nerves, pacing and shifting his weight from side to side.  He always does that, but Zach is more nervous then usual.   (That is how Zach is always near the top of the Fitness Tracker activity, too, even though he gets plenty of sleep.)

Hayden is cool as a cucumber now.  Why wouldn't he be?  Two of his allies and closest friends won HoH, which leaves him clear to win during next weeks Double Eviction.  Zach is worried about being nominated, and Hayden throws out Victoria and Jocosta's old tired names again.

Zach:  Buddy we should have won that and you....

Frankie bursts in and basically says the same thing to Zach, that he shouldn't worry.  And then Frankie got is ass right back in that kitchen...he's got some buttering up and brown nosing to do in there.

Do you think Frankie might be worried?  I think he should....Donny might want to put up Frankie and Derrick, but Nicole would certainly co-sign the Frankie side of would her friend Christine.

Caleb came in looking shell-shocked.  Beast Mode Cowboy is a single man now, riding the range solo.

Hayden keeps repeating that the only thing he knows is that both Nicole and Donny want to be the final HoH this week.  (Not sure if that is really true....both Donny and Nicole may be too smart for that.)

They discuss what would happen if two from their group go up on the block.  Maybe they shouldn't be so free with their worries to Hayden now, right?

And maybe they should worry about the appearances they are giving off, huddling in the storage room and staying there for fairly long periods of certainly emphasizes their connection in the game.

Zach is still in the back of the room, pacing from side to side.  How often do you think Caleb touches an ironing board out in the real world?  I think the answer is either "NEVER" or "EVERY TUESDAY".

Hayden repeats his line about both Nicole and Donny wanting to stay in power this week.

Derrick burst into the room, moving quickly to the refrigerator to get whatever he came in there for.

You know Derrick thinks this gathering looks suspicious, so I predict he will get in and out of there as fast as possible.  Also, I don't think Derrick would be so stupid to start spilling his guts to Hayden right now.

Just last night, Derrick and Frankie were whispering about either Hayden or Donny being their backdoor target this week.  And now both of those guys are in a position of control right now.  (Even though Hayden didn't win HoH, he might as well have....and Derrick knows that.)

Caleb starts yammering on about what happens if "two of them are on the block together" as Derrick grabs his food and turns to leave the room.

Derrick:  We're all grown ass men, and we can handle this..we'll get the next one, right?

And with that, Derrick leaves the room, followed closely by Hayden.  Derrick isn't going to let anyone see him sweat anytime soon, that's for sure.

Zach and Caleb are alone in the room.

Zach:  Dude, I'm going to look like an idiot on national television...I put 3,000...

Caleb:  I was way over, too...I put 1,200..

So they did go to the chalkboards, after all.  Production didn't even have any extra questions to ask---I guess they really only prepared 12 questions for the live show.

If I were someone in Production, and I got called into Julie Chen's office today, I'd be worried.  That kind of thing always happens on a Friday, too.

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