Sunday, August 31, 2014

Scenes From Last Night #BB16

We knew it would happen eventually, but Cody the Dinosaur started with the hugging.

Meanwhile, Victoria has been pouting with Derrick, and he met with her to try and get to the bottom of the problem.  As usual, he had to drag it out of her.

Derrick: Okay.  Something is obviously wrong.  What is it?

Victoria:  I don't's a lot of things....

Derrick:  Don't censor yourself.  Just tell me.  It's always better when you just say what you feel.  Start with one thing...just one thing.

Victoria is upset that Derrick talked to Christine for "like, three hours" last night in the bathroom.  Derrick tells her he doesn't talk game to Christine.. and then BB calls out Victoria for not wearing a microphone.  Derrick is very aware of the entire house right now, and the last thing he needs is for the others to think he and Victoria are talking game.  So he gets out of there as fast as he can, saying he'll be back later and she should just calm down.

(Victoria doesn't want Derrick to discuss ANYTHING with Christine for that long.  She is very territorial about her relationship with Derrick, and she knows that Christine talks shit about her all of the time.  I guess she's worried that Christine and Derrick will talk shit about her  I heard Victoria mumble last night as she watched Christine walk across the yard "there she goes...going over to my best friend.")

Nicole is chopping up mushrooms for the Have Not dinner.  They have so many varieties of mushrooms now and are going to make a few dishes in hopes of feeling full and satisfied.

Frankie came over and hugged Nicole, telling her that "he loved playing the game with someone who loves it as much as he does".

As Nicole walked to the kitchen I could read the look on her face....Frankie is so fake and he used the past tense when he spoke, assuming her eviction would be a done deal.

Earlier, Cody commented on how good Nicole looks tonight, with her hair down and her jeans on.

Cody:  Why don't you wear your hair like that more often?

Nicole:  I don't know....but I brought three pair of jeans in here but I don't think I've worn them yet.

Christine:  I wear jeans all of the time.

Cody, to Nicole:  Well, I'm a-looking, and I'm a-liking.

No response from Christine on that.

Nicole had a moment to herself in the kitchen, and she mumbled to herself, and us, saying she wished he had been a stronger competitor.  She really wanted to go farther in the game, but at least she got another week out of it (i.e. surviving the block last week).

Derrick came in the kitchen later and the two of them made dinner.  Nicole asked him how close Caleb was to Frankie, clearly thinking that Frankie could go on the block next to her.  (Don't we wish...)

Derrick:  They're pretty close, but I don't know.  And I don't have much influence over Caleb...surely you see that.

Nicole:  Yep.  Don't tell anybody about this conversation, okay?  I want everyone to think I've given up right now....and I'm gonna try...but it's gonna be really hard to change things.

Derrick:  I like your swag...I'll tell you that.  I'm loving your game swag.

Flash forward a few hours later.  A few drunken hours.

And the group outside discusses whether love at first sight is possible.  Caleb believes that looks are what attract you to someone, but there is no way you can know them enough to fall in true love at first sight.

Caleb:  That's lust at first sight.

Cody says that he meets a lot of beautiful girls, but if he learns that they hate their family, and hate what they do, he's not interested at all.  He shared a story of meeting his ex-girlfriend in a bar.  Cody was thinking about taking some sort of blueberry shot, and this girl encouraged him to do it, saying she would "be his chaser".

Christine:  That's so hot!  I like her already!

Cody:  And she wasn't a 10...or a 9...or an 8...or a 7...well, she was a 7.  But it was her personality that attracted her to me.  She ended up cheating on me and it destroyed me.  I still think about her.  Her new boyfriend lives near me, and he's a good guy.  I respect him, but I still think about her.  I just saw her the other day...

Caleb:  Really?  Like, 77 days ago?

Caleb tried to do a role play with Victoria to demonstrate that love at first sight is not possible.  Victoria swears that it is, and that happened when her sister's husband saw her sister for the first time.

Shortly after this, a Drive By Shouter struck, but from a different side of the backyard.  What they said wasn't clear---it just sounded like shouting.  As soon as they heard it, Derrick, Victoria and Frankie got up from the hammock area and went inside, along with everyone on the couch.

BB:  This is a lockdown.  Please go inside.

Victoria:  Damn those fuckers.

(Victoria is learning some new vocabulary words this summer....)

I listened to the shouting twice, with my headphone volume turned way, way up, and I couldn't tell what they said.  I read online that the same guy who did it last time claims to have done this one, too, and said something like "Frankie is destroying everybody in the DR, especially Derrick!"

If that is what he said, it is clearly untrue. I can't remember Frankie trashing Derrick at all in the DR.

But it sounds like the Drive By Shouter wants Derrick to get Frankie put on the block during the PoV ceremony, so maybe his heart is in the right place.

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