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Scenes From Last Night #BB16

Well, last night was one of the most exciting Big Brother episodes I've ever seen.  And the live feeds afterward were riveting.  With the nominations and Battle of the Block, today shouldn't be too shabby, either.

(You know Nicole and Christine won HoH, right?  You can't write drama like that.)

Please allow me to clear my picture folder in this post before we move on with the season.

Yesterday afternoon, in the tension-filled hours leading up to the live show, Derrick took Nicole, Donny and Victoria into the bathroom to show them where previous house guests "signed" the bathroom door.   The names have been painted over, but Derrick can still tell what was written, and where.

(It's evidence, yo.)

He saw where someone wrote "Mist" so I"m assuming that is Dan's Mist.

He showed them where "McCrae + Amanda" was written, too.

Nicole:  Look...J U Double D!

Derrick shows them where Jeremy signed the door, way down low.

Nicole:  Do you sit and look at all this when you're on the toilet?

Derrick:  No, I look at it like this, with the door open.  More light that way.

Donny never noticed it before, but now I'll bet that's all he will see when he looks at that door.

I think Donny cut himself shaving..that is a piece of tissue on the cut on his right cheek in the picture.  He wanted to shave off his beard today, but I guess Production told him No.  I hate to say this, but Donny will likely shave it in the Jury House.

OK, after the live show the feeds were so engrossing that I took pictures, but I couldn't do much typing.  I tweeted a lot, though.

This picture of Zach kind of says it all.  He's thrilled that Julie called him "Ranceypants".

As always, after a live show they rehashed the conversations they had with Julie, and talked about how Hayden left the house.  Frankie told Hayden "I love you" and Hayden said "I don't love you". Then Hayden said "I still hate you" to Cody, but apparently they had a daily thing where they told each other they hated each other.

When Hayden hugged Derrick, he said "Massachusetts, man".  Derrick explained that to Nicole, saying Hayden's family lives only about 20 minutes from Derrick's house.  Derrick thinks he will see Hayden first after the show, since they live so close together.

Frankie had a bad night, too, getting thrown under the bus left and right.

Frankie and Christine got singled out by Hayden, big time.  At some point Derrick made some sort of statement that they can relax....they're starting over now and whatever people said in the heat of the moment didn't matter.

(Maybe Derrick would feel differently if he was the one with the bus tire tracks on his back, but it worked out perfectly for him.)

Beast Mode Cowboy was in rare form, calmly saying that he did what he did, and it's over.

Caleb:  How did I win a Math challenge?

Caleb knows he will only be HoH for an hour or two, but hopes he gets a letter from his Mom and some pictures.  He doesn't care about the HoH basket, since he can't eat real food for another week anyway, but he wants the letter and pictures.

In fact, he demands it.

Caleb:  I want to speak to an Executive Producer, now, if they won't give me that letter.


Nicole got nasty with Christine as the live show ended, but got calmer and quieter as she realized she's alone in the house now.  Donny hurt his knee during the PoV and had "someone look at it" in the DR.  I think they told him to put ice on it, so Donny went to bed at that point.

It was getting close to his bedtime, anyway.

Zach kept badgering Nicole, asking her if she wanted to start an alliance with him.  He started talking to her in a way that really irritated her, offering to make her a sandwich, or some guacamole, telling her she needed to eat before the HoH competition.

Nicole started crying, because this "mean" treatment was just too much for her after such a rough night.

Christine:  Nicole, I don't know if you even want to talk to me, but I'm going to sit in The Hive if you want to go with me.

Nicole:  Okay.

Nicole and Christine were in there a long time.  Basically Christine stacked up another round of lies, one on top of the other, but Nicole listened.  For example:

*  Christine said she only knew about the vote to keep Zach "like, 30 minutes before it happened".
*  Christine claimed that she tried to let Nicole know by looking at her funny in the bathroom. (Nicole: Oh, I get the hint now!)
*  Christine can't believe both of them "got played" like that by all of the guys.
*  Christine knew that something was up, because she could tell Nicole and Hayden were treating her differently last week.

Nicole looked cute last night sporting the high ponytail, and her makeup didn't run as she sniffled and cried.  She can be proud of herself for last night.  (Particularly since she ended up crushing the HoH, according to Derrick.)

Get This:  Nicole ended up ACCEPTING Christine's apology.

(But I have reason to believe Nicole really wants to blindside Christine as fast as possible.)

At some point they started blaming Cody for everything.  Nicole can't believe Cody is so nice to them, but is such a liar.  Christine points out that Cody "stopped touching her" a few days ago, but now he's back, doing it again.

As if that proves anything about the vote to keep Zach, or Hayden getting the boot.

Christine did a good job trying to dig out of the hole with Nicole, but I think she was way too happy and giddy about everything.  She acted like a huge weight was lifted off of her, but she should have acted at least 42% more upset, in my opinion.

Zach was confronted by Cody, Derrick and Frankie about his alliances with both group.  Zach played it well, saying how could he refuse any of the guys?

Zach listened to everyone's side of the story, and said now is the time to play his own game in the house.

(I think the days of "Zankie" are over.)

When the heated words were flying around the kitchen, Derrick slid way back into the living room, listening to every word but letting the kids duke it out.

Frankie looked hella-nervous to me.  Team America might be the only Fake Alliance he has left, and I don't think that alliance looks too good right now, does it?

I'm just trying to ignore that horrid twist and hope it goes away.  The mission "America" gave them was a hard one, and I'll bet they will all refuse it.  Derrick seems to be the only one in America that thinks America actually cares about the fucking Team America missions.

Christine came out of the Hive and reported to the guys that Nicole is calming down, and that she only went in there because she was concerned about Nicole 'as a human being".  But that didn't stop Cody from throwing her name out all night as a liar who needed to get the boot soon, if not sooner.

But there was hugging, of course.

Beast Mode Cowboy enjoyed a bowl of slop, and continued to savor his live HoH win.  He also said Donny showed a lot of heart winning that competition.

(For the record, every time Donny has won the PoV, he has competed against Caleb.  And beat him.)

OK.  Moving on to around 4:30 am BBT, Derrick, Cody and Caleb are hanging out in the bathroom.  The backyard is still closed, so they can't play pool.

Caleb is all cranked up, saying that Frankie needs to go this week.  They are all expecting Frankie to get nominated, and Caleb has already planned a speech if he is sitting next to Frankie on the block.

Caleb:  I'm gonna tell him I know everything he did, and his game is over!  He's probably gonna cry right there.

The cameras show us Frankie, sleeping in the Have Not room.

Now Caleb brings up Amber's name, saying he knows now that Frankie made up that stuff about Amber, and he's going to call him out about that, too.  Caleb thinks Amber's family will appreciate that, and make them like him more, too.

(This Caleb has been pure gold, all season.  So crazy, so deluded, so entertaining. And Caleb has four or five brothers who are likely mentally damaged as well, so CBS can build a new dynasty of reality beasts, the new, improved Hantz family, if you will.)

Derrick starts to grease the skids, telling Caleb that when pushed into a corner, Frankie may start spewing lies, making up things.

Derrick:  For instance, he could say Derrick said this or that....

Caleb:  Hmmph.  Like I'll believe that guy?

Derrick:  Exactly.

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