Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scenes from the #BB16 House, Before Hopes Were Dashed

After Derrick and Frankie won HoH on Thursday night, their group was just full of confidence and enthusiasm.  It would be an easy week, Derrick told them, and they could all relax.  That is probably a statement you should just think and not say, because it was a bad omen.

In the HoH Room, Frankie got several pictures of his famous sister, as well as her new CD, which may or may not be currently available for sale right now.  Derrick got some new pictures of his daughter Tenley, and everyone agreed that she is the spitting image of Derrick.  Derrick also got one of Tenley's baby blankets, which is blue for some reason.

Derrick did not get his "Frank Eudy is my Homeboy" T-shirt in his HoH basket.  He thinks that Production must not have been able to get in touch with Frank, because they would have to get his permission to allow Derrick to wear that shirt on television.

(You may recall Frank's "Julie Chen is my Homegirl" T-shirt that he wore on BB14.  Derrick's sister went to Michael's the day before he left for California and had the shirt made for him, in the same exact color as Frank's shirt.)

(Julie told Frank on one of the live shows that she was his "home skillet".  Ha ha ha..  That crazy Chenbot.)

Zach recognized Ariana from her pictures, saying his little brother watches her shows on Nickelodeon.  He says she is "just about perfect" and he liked her music, too.  Everybody liked her music...she's a good singer and that is undeniable.

When Donny saw the pictures he told the group that Ariana reminded him of Jessica Alba, and the guys agreed. I'm pretty sure that is a HUGE compliment, right?

In her letter to Frankie, Ariana said she was in rehearsal because she was "opening the VMA's" this year.  She also said she had so much to tell Frankie, and he should "prepare himself".

In other news, Derrick's daughter is learning to talk, and can say the dog Mason's name.  Derrick's dogs Mason and Rocky are sleeping on his side of the bed now, and are really enjoying the extra space.

Everyone commented that Frankie looked a lot heavier in his pictures.  He says they were taken before he "became vegan".  (Frankie is not eating vegan now though...)  Derrick's CD is the first Daughtry CD and everyone was happy about that.

Frankie continues putting on a show.  In fact, he apparently exposed himself shortly after I took this picture, but trust me I'm not looking to see that.

Caleb and Victoria are allowed to eat now.  Derrick helped them get started by making them some quesadillas with corn tortillas.  He said the key was to put some really hot vegetable oil in the plan so they would crisp up.  I could hear the crunch as Victoria bit into her' sounded delicious.

(There are going to be new Have Nots on Saturday, so they'd better chow down now.)

You probably know that the team (Detonators + Caleb) drew Skittles to see who would go on the block, and who would have to throw the BoB.  They discussed the situation for at least an hour before this, and finally decided that pulling Skittles was the best option.

Initially, they wanted Zach to go on the block next to Donny and throw it. Zach told the group that it might be hard to throw it...if it looked like they were going to win.  I think anyone would feel like that, but since Zach was the only person honest enough to say it, he took some flack for that.

Each person picked their color, and one of each colored Skittle was put in Derrick's beanie.  (Actually Hayden's beanie, I think.)  Derrick had to ask for clarification at least three times before he understood the process.

Frankie pulled Christine's color first---I think it was purple.  This meant she would go up next to Donny, and would be tasked with throwing the BoB comp.  Caleb and Cody were picked next.

Only Zach's orange Skittle was not picked, which is pretty ironic under the circumstances.


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