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Oh, to Be a Fly on the Wall During the HoH Lockdowns This Year #BB16

Last night when BBAD started, I was watching and when I heard the conversation, I was like "what?"

So today I am flashing back to just a few minutes earlier, to see if I can figure it out.  At the time, Cody is upstairs in the HoH Room with Nicole and Donny, watching the premiere of the CBS show Scorpion.  Victoria, Caleb, Derick and Christine are lounging in the living room, talking about personal topics.

Victoria apparently had a boyfriend who treated her very badly.  She has said before that she is a virgin and plans to wait until she is married to have sex.  The guy she dated apparently tried to grab her butt a few times when they were kissing and she had to put his hands on her hips, telling him they had to stay right there, not move up or down.

He said he respected her, but she says he was a horrible person and she had to "kick him in his ass".  Derrick thinks the guy was making an investment, by following the rules so that she would open up to him later.

Victoria:  He was using me.  I was doing everything for him...bringing him food...he got what he wanted out of me.

Caleb: No he didn't!  He wanted a big handful of donk!

Christine giggles.  Derrick keeps wanting her to get to the good part, when the guy cheated on her.

Derrick:  And you found out he cheated..

Victoria:  No.  I didn't know that until after...but he was at my house every day, and  it got to the point where I was just too embarrassed to let him come in to my house.  He treated me horribly.

Caleb:  So every makeout sesh ended with him trying to touch your butt.

Victoria:  No, it was more of a joke.

Caleb went on with that line of conversation for awhile.  (They got beer and wine earlier, which explains some of Caleb's behavior. Even Christine had a glass of wine, and she rarely drinks.)

Caleb stood up and showed everybody how he likes to "pick his girl up and put his hands in the fold". (i.e. below a woman's butt cheeks).  This evolves into Caleb showing them how he "slams" the woman around on the coffee table, using various wrestling moves.

Derrick:  What the hell?

(Relax, Caleb is clearly joking and putting on a little show.)

Derrick:  So, you make love to her and then you beat her to death?

Caleb:  It got a little out of got DIRRRTTTY.

Christine:  I don't know if that's's got real dirty.

Derrick:  I killed her.

Caleb, still joking:  I told the judge, she asked me to do it harder!

Victoria promises to tell them what really happened with her boyfriend on Thursday.  She is referring to the HoH lockdowns every Thursday morning, where the entire cast is trapped in the HoH room so the production crew can get the living room set up for the live show.  They do a technical rehearsal with lights and camera angles, and they also give direction to the cast.

In past seasons, the live feed cameras focused on the HoH room during this time, so we could watch them.  Often, the BB theme music blared throughout the house, so the house guests couldn't hear the production crew talking inside the house.


I used to love watching the HoH lockdowns because there was often so much tension in the room.  But my favorite HoH lockdown was from BB12.  Brendon, Matt Hoffman, and Ragan Fox were chatting about various jobs they've had, when Brendon dropped a bomb about working for the Scientology center.  And then Ragan dropped a nuclear bomb when he said he knew L. Ron Hubbard's son.

You can read my update here.  I remember being scandalized by the fact that Production didn't cut the live feeds during this conversation, and thinking that they must have been really busy with the action downstairs.  And when I went to Joker's Updates to see their coverage of this conversation, it just said something crappy like "HG discuss non-game topics in the HoH room".

Now I don't know about you, but I think people LOVE to hear about non-game conversations.  In fact, they CLAMOR to hear juicy tidbits of the house guests' mundane conversations.  It's really why I even bother writing this blog, and why I used to write updates for Jokers.

Anyway, on vacation earlier this year I read "Going Clear", a non-fiction expose about Scientology.  It's a good read, if you're interested.  Your local library probably has a copy.


So Victoria plans to tell the real story during this week's HoH lockdown.  And earlier this year, Frankie promised to share the stories of his wild days of drunken screwing when he was on Broadway during one of the lockdowns.

(And really, would wouldn't want to hear that?  Other than Frankie's mom, of course.)

Christine says she has some stories to tell during this week's lockdown, too.

Caleb:  I'm excited to hear what you have to say.

Christine:  I don't want Donny to be there though...he's so irritating.

Derrick:  I already nailed it.

Christine:  Yeah, you kinda did.

Derrick:  I could see that all day...

Caleb:  Oh, I already heard about you going to sex toy parties...

Christine:  Well yes, I've been to Passion Parties, but...

Derrick:  I know exactly what it is...remember about a month ago outside when I was really discreet..I don't think the cameras were focused on us....

Caleb:  It's the nerd with glasses who are always the freaks...

Christine:  It's so true.

Caleb:  I guarantee it. It's very true...

Derrick:  My wife wears glasses...well, contacts.  (makes click click sound with his voice)

So what could it be?  Three ways? Swinging? Leather?

I think BBAD should have a very special highlight show with "after hours" topics like this.

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  1. Ha. When I first read "Scientology Center" I read it as "Science Center" and thought... so what? Until I read the name L. Ron Hubbard, and had an "OH!" moment. I guess I wasn't reading your blog during that season, because I didn't know any of that. It's a shame I didn't, because by reading this blog, I now get a whole different Big Brother experience. A better Big Brother experience. Which is why I now hate tax season.


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