Sunday, August 10, 2014

Now It's Zach's Turn to Be Summoned to the Interrogation Room by Sergeant Derrick #BB16

This post continues the multi-post account of the Clusterfuck that happened in the wee hours of this morning, after our boy Zach ran his mouth.

(You can get up to speed here.)

OK.  So just seconds ago, Derrick left the HoH room, where Victoria was weeping and being comforted by Nicole.  He leaned over the balcony railing and called out to Zach, telling him things were happening upstairs, and he needed to join them.  Derrick also told some other people they might as well come up, too.

Zach just came up the stairs without a lot of protest, and with no hesitation.  I mean, let's get real...Zach has been in trouble plenty of times in his life, I'm sure.

(Amber's sweater sure is getting a workout this week....)

Derrick:  Let me talk first and you can have the floor.

Zach: Okay.

Victoria is sniffling as Derrick tells Zach that he's cool with him, but he's a straight up guy and needs to talk to him.

Derrick:  Let's wait a minute and let these guys join us, so there's no misconstruing anything.

Zach: Okay.  This is going to get interesting, isn't it?

Derrick:  Probably.

(Before we go further, let me point out that so far, Zach is the ONLY one in the room right now who is safe from eviction this week...)

They are joined by Caleb, Cody, and Frankie. Basically the entire house, except for Christine and Donny.

Derrick starts off calmly, in a friendly tone.  We'll call this the "Good Cop" persona.

Before we continue, let's all remember this is Christine's HoH room that is being commandeered.  She came in quickly to get her makeup so she can get ready for the Diary Room, and as the meeting kicks off you can see below that she is standing at the picnic table applying her makeup.

(I'm sure she's listening in, too, but the point is she wants so bad to stay out of it that she's missing the whole thing.)

OK.  On with the show. As the guys file in, I think Zach whispered to Cody that he needs to talk to him afterwards.

Derrick: Do you have something to talk to him about that pertains to this matter?

Zach:  Just that if what he's telling me is true, then she's lying.  (Nicole)

That's not the way Sergeant Derrick runs a meeting, so he gets back on track, telling Zach in front of the group that he's a straight up guy, trying to play the game honestly.

(Note the tactic of hammering that point in over and

Derrick:  Nobody in the house has really said anything bad about me because I don't talk shit about anybody.  Obviously, me and Nicole aren't that close, but you're one of my closest friends in the house...I trust you.  But you said she (Victoria) needed to talk to me, and she (Nicole) told her (Victoria) some, for lack of a better term, damaging things about me.

Zach with the direct approach:  I lied to you, and told you that she (Nicole) said it, just in case she (Victoria) came to you and told you, so you would think it came from her (Nicole) and not from me.

Derrick:  OK.  Done.  I appreciate your honesty.  Thank you.

People in the room are whispering during this...not everyone is paying attention. Until Zach starts speaking in his loud way, which might lead to a Zach Attack.

Zach:  Did I not tell you (Victoria) that he's (Derrick) had your back this whole time?

Victoria:  Yes.

Zach:  Then what are you crying about right now?

Victoria is no match for this...and just stammers a few "you don't know's" and so forth.

Zach, clearly irritated:  Well all you do is say you don't know, you don't know...then just fucking tell me!

Derrick senses the impending Zach Attack and tries to nip it in the bud, saying they all love each other, that's why they are all still friends.

The Wheat Thins sit quietly on the table, waiting to be enjoyed with a dip or spread, or even just plain, by themselves.  Frankie J. Grande has been silent for approximately three minutes now, not even chewing, slurping, or smacking.  It's a Big Brother miracle.

Derrick:  Some of us have talked game, or made deals...that's the way Big Brother is played.

Zach:  And some of us are making too much of a deal about everything.

Victoria, semi-shrieking:  I didn't even say anything Zach!  I didn't say anything to anybody.

Derrick:  She didn't even say anything to me.

Zach, clearly getting turnt up:  Then why were you crying to me?  You were CRYING to me!

Victoria tries to talk over Zach, but it is impossible and she knows it.

Zach, imitating a hysterical female:  Oh Zach!  Derrick just cheated on me!  What do you want me to fucking do about it?

They go around and around, and Victoria sounds like she is losing control.  This isn't exactly what Derrick had in mind, so he says that it doesn't have to be like this, that they are just giving us (live feeders)  a show.

Zach, fully turnt up:  You people can all vote me out next week, because I'm so untrustworthy,   I'll throw the HoH competition, you can all put me up, vote me out unanimously, and we'll leave it at that.  Since you (Victoria) hate me, you (someone else) call me out, you (someone else) don't trust me, I don't know what's wrong with you (the next person), you wanted me out last week (Frankie?).

He got around the circle to Derrick, who made some kind of "you talkin' to me?" sounds.

Zach:  No, YOU are the FUCKING MAN.  I haven't lied to you once.

Then Zach goes back around the room in the opposite direction, like an automatic sprinkler, pointing to each person in turn.

Zach:  I haven't lied to you, I haven't lied to you,...ugh, I haven't told you a lot of stuff, I haven't lied to you once, and I don't know what your deal don't say shit, so I don't know what your fucking deal is..

Derrick, struggling to regain control, says he just wanted people to know that he's not playing anybody, and they can continue with private conversations later.


Derrick:  That's a conversation you guys can have alone.


Cody leaves the room, in possible disgust, the door slamming behind him.

Derrick, still trying:  My part of this is done.

(ha ha ha)


Derrick tries to shut it down by starting a monologue in super fast style, saying they've all become friends, and shared personal information...

Zach won't shut it down yet, though, summarizing everything, including repeating that he lied to Derrick.  Then Victoria jumps in again, biting back, causing Zach to repeat the statement about Victoria saying Derrick cheated on her, betrayed her..., using that high girly voice.

Victoria::  ZACH! STOP IT!

Now Derrick starts his monologue all over again, with Zach and Victoria YELLING over him, Zach yelling that he's not a liar...he has nothing to lie about.


Now Zach says he and Victoria were having "Story Time" and he made a mistake and slipped up and said the wrong thing, and now all of this happened.

Frankie is still silent on the couch.  I wonder if he's okay.

Now Zach gets into it with Frankie, saying it's no secret that he wanted Frankie to win the game over everybody else, and he betrayed him.

Derrick kept trying to squelch things, waving his arms around and stating positive things that no one can argue with.

(I would say meetings like this are just a day at the office for Derrick, but maybe not this meeting....)

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