Friday, August 1, 2014

Nominations are Over....And Nicole Attacks Zach #BB16

The nomination ceremony took a long time...over 90 minutes, but the live feeds came back just as it was ending.  Nerves are high...tensions have shifted along with the power.  People are hugging each other, but for different reasons.

Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria.  Nicole nominated Zach and Jocosta.

Caleb is pacing around....the Beast Mode Cowboy can only do so much in a competition with a partner like Victoria.  But Zach can say the same thing about Jocosta.

Frankie is working the room quickly and has already hugged at least three people that I saw.  He told Nicole in the bathroom that her speech was great and she was still "America's Sweetheart".

I'm not gonna lie...I really wanted Frankie to be nominated but maybe there is still time for a backdoor.   He's getting hard for me to look at, and even harder to listen fake.

Cody came in and had some quiet words with Nicole.  He complimented her on her speech, too.

Now Frankie is whispering with Caleb.  He says this is the best thing that could have happened and Caleb agrees.   (They were worried that their group would be nominated alongside each other, although that can still happen....)

Zach:  Here we go...

He is very nervous and doesn't seem to care who knows it.

Derrick continues to slide on into the background after his HoH run a few weeks ago.  Just keep sliding, Derrick.

Zach asks Frankie if he thinks Nicole and Donny are working together this week.

Frankie:  Well, you would know as much as I do...

Zach:  ...because it makes a difference.

I just can't take that hair much longer.  Everything about him is so "look at me look at me" that it turns my stomach.

Zach is making a PB&J sandwich...looks like grape jelly.

Caleb comes by and shows some affection for his buddy Zach, who he will face off against today in the Battle of the Block.

Zach brings up Nicole and Donny working together again.

Frankie:  Honestly, I think...

And then we go to FISH.

Great.  Look at Caleb staring right at us in that picture....scary!

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