Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nicole Thinks People Are Getting Fed Up With Each Other, Big Time #BB16

Yesterday Nicole tried to rally after her devastating Have Not appointment, made by Caleb.  She says she really hated the tofu last week, but loves mushrooms so this week should be better for her.

(The tofu last week wasn't just straight tofu---it was pressed with seafood. I've never heard of that.  But I make puddings and cheesecake with regular tofu, and it is delicious.)

They have all sorts of mushrooms to choose from.  (But they better eat them fast, even if they refrigerate them.)

They also got a bunch of gross meat. Maybe deli-type stuff...I don't know.  Derrick swears one of the meats has cheese pressed into it.  I think I've seen that in the delis when I lived in New York.  It looks like sausage with big white chunks of filler.  I really don't think it's cheese, though.  I know Tony Soprano used to rhapsodize all the time about sausages and meats.  They chopped up a few people in the back of Satriales Pork Store, too.  Just sayin'...

Derrick talks aloud to Production, saying that he's stacking up all of the packages that were on display so that "they" can take it all back to the store.

Derrick:  I think this needs to be refrigerated.....

It's kind of jarring to see someone actually wear a baseball hat the correct way in there.

Nicole can't wait...she's starving now so she's going to fry up some mushrooms with oil and garlic.  She didn't get a chance to eat before the Have Not selection took place.  She didn't expect to be hit with it two weeks in a row, but she seems to be over it now.  Or at least acting like she's over it.

Derrick suggested she use a piece of the "bacon fat" in her mushroom dish, too.  Nicole opened up a part of the package and started sawing away at it.  This is a package of pressed meat that they found in the storage room, in the refrigerator, so they feel safer eating it.

After sawing away for at least a minute, Nicole had a slice of the "meat" to work with.  She gave it a sniff and didn't seem ecstatic about it.  But she chopped it up and when she put it in her pan of mushrooms, there were loud sizzling and popping noises.  Derrick wondered exactly what type of meat it was, but Nicole said it was probably best not to think about that.

Derrick and Frankie swept up all of the mess under the dining room table.  I think all of those mushrooms made a big mess.  This picture actually looks like they are sweeping the table though.

Well, that's gross.  And that's why we have clean surfaces like tables...

Nicole scraped it all out of there.  And I think she ate it.

Later in the evening, Frankie and Derrick made a Have Not dinner, and Derrick's chore was to peel the garlic.  While they cooked, they discussed the Team America fiasco from last week.

Derrick:  ....and it was an overwhelming no....dang, I guess we fucked up.

They obviously think Production wanted to save Donny with the task.  (I don't think so...Production didn't assign any tasks....the guys (i.e. Frankie)  just chose a task that highlighted what everyone hates about Frankie.  And the internet people all hate Frankie, and we're the ones who voted.  Up to 20 times per day, actually.)

Derrick:  I bet I know what the next one will be...

Frankie:  I know, I Nicole.

Derrick:  Well, in your defense, I had nothing...I had no suggestions....

Frankie, picking up his voice for Production:  Well, this is what happens when you give someone like ME carte blanche...I'm putting on a show!

(Why did Frankie call it a Broadway show?  He should have called it a skit or something, to lower expectations.  If he wanted a Broadway show, he could have featured Caleb rapping..maybe with some judo kicks.  Now THATs entertainment.)

(And Derrick knows that America LOATHES Frankie.  He could see it when Julie bitch slapped Frankie about the apple pie, and when at least three Drive By Shouters yelled that they hated Frankie, or that he was disgusting.  And when Frankie does things for the live feeders like rail on Donny after his eviction.  Derrick knows...and he's loving it.)

Derrick got called to the DR.  Frankie and Nicole were cooking side by side, him stirring a pan of mushrooms, and Nicole stirring a big vat of slop.  Frankie must have said at least five times that he can't believe the amount of liquid that mushrooms give off.

You can believe it Frankie. It's true.

Frankie got called to the DR as Nicole was putting mushrooms on top of slop in a bowl.

Frankie:  Make sure to put some of the juices in there, too.

Victoria ate a banana, and when she had less than half of it left, she got a spoonful of peanut butter and smeared it on the banana.  Yum.

Nicole:  Do you ever cry in the DR?

Victoria:  Hmmm.

Nicole:  I'm so tired of crying in there.  It's just, I feel so safe in there.  And I don't need Frankie cooking for me....he basically made me a Have Not, and now he wants to cook my food?  I can do it myself.

Nicole:  I think people are getting fed up with each other in here.  It's getting harder and harder to take.

Victoria left the room for a moment, and Nicole looks at the memory wall while she eats.

Nicole:  Oh Hayden.  Your're so cute.

The camera pans back slowly.  There are a lot of cute people up there.

Victoria came back.  I think she went in the bedroom and found Derrick alone and wondered why he was in there by himself.  Alone time isn't something Victoria enjoys or needs, apparently.

Victoria: You like?

Nicole:  No, it really sucks.  But I have to eat it.  I put some protein powder in it, too, for the vitamins and everything.

(Derrick told NIcole that instead of starving like she did last week, she needs to eat the slop frequently.  He mentioned that Hayden always did that, and stayed strong.  Derrick told Nicole that when he's eating this week, she's going to be eating, too, and they'll stay strong together.  Gestures like that on Derrick's part seem quite sincere, but will also get him Jury votes by jurors who are happy to vote for him.)

(I think Derrick wants Christine to go home this week, since she's already on the block, and sees this as the perfect opportunity to get it done while someone else is HoH.  I think he wants Nicole to win PoV...)

Victoria wrestles with that ponytail.  I think it hurts to do this, too, based on the little noises she makes.

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