Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nicole: I'm Okay Mom, If You're Watching #BB16

They go for awhile, each in their own private hell, just trying to get through it.

Frankie really high tails it when he runs back from the snowman to his tub.   He's making up a lot of time on that.  Derrick has taken a few hard falls.  I heard Cody say that Derrick's looking rough.

Then Nicole took a huge spill, and stayed there for a few seconds, recovering.  Everyone expressed as much concern as they could, I guess.

Nicole hauled herself up, calling out to her mother, saying she's okay.

She had a hard time getting up after that, saying she didn't know how she could move out of that spot.

Cody:  Just keep moving your feet.

She did.

Derrick says his shoes are about six sizes too small, but he's not allowed to take them off.

Derrick:  I may not win, but my toes are gonna look just like Britney's tomorrow.  

Derrick finally went for the $5,000, I think.  Caleb encourages him to switch over and get it before someone else wins it.  I think Caleb's snowman is looking strong, but I need a better look.

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