Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nicole: I Wish I Was as Confident as You, Cody #BB16

Cody and Nicole discuss each round of the competition.  They had to look at large groups of objects beforehand and guess the amount of items in the pile, or in the jar, or in the bathtub.  Then they "bet" hands of cards and stay or fold, depending on the other house guests' bets.

Nicole:  I wish I was as confident as you, Cody.

Nicole:  I'm happy for you Cody. I mean, winning HoH and now

There were also donuts out there, maybe a big pile of them.  Derrick knows they were real doughnuts, too, because he could smell them.

(Maybe it's a cop thing....)

They hope Production will put a plate of the doughnuts in the storage room for them, since there were so many.  Caleb says that at home, there is a Walmart next door to his gym, so he goes in there every morning and gets two elairs, for 32 cents apiece, and then takes them into the gym to crush them before beasting out in his workout.

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