Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nicole Had Hope Yesterday. And Victoria Had Costume Changes. #BB16

I took this series of pictures yesterday, as they all prepared for the PoV competition.  Everyone is moving very slowly, really feeling the aches and pains from the HoH competition.  But the good news is that everyone seems to be long term damage.

They drew for PoV players and Caleb pulled the "House Guest Choice" chip.  He chose Cody to play for him.  And this pissed Frankie off....and he let everyone know it.  He was the only person not to play in this week's PoV, but he looked forward to hosting.

Frankie:  I hope it's a really elaborate costume....because that means you have a big role in the competition.  If the costume is just a fucking T-shirt than you don't even matter as the host.

Frankie's anger and condescending ways came through loud and clear as he went on and on.

Frankie;  You will be me out there hosting with Madonna...I'll get all kinds of opportunities..

Nicole got all dolled up for the PoV player pick.  She curled her hair and everything.  You can see Victoria in the background wearing a black stretchy outfit and sweater.  Let's call that Outfit #1.

Cody made his breakfast sandwich, as usual.  He's in a good mood today...he knows he has nothing to fear this week.

Derrick slept through the wake up music and everyone talked about it.  He had gone to bed early the night before, saying he didn't feel well.  Even laying on that hard "ice slab" is probably better than moving around in the morning when every muscle is screaming.

One of the morning songs was "Build Me Up Buttercup" (for Nicole, obviously) and I think another one was "Blinded by the Light" (Springsteen, of course).

Frankie went in there to wake Derrick up, saying Derrick always hates it when he has to sit through the ceremonies with "sleep face".  Derrick had on an extra pair of sweatpants, and also extra socks to keep warm in there.

Derrick went silently to the Fire Room to dig some clothes out of a drawer.  Here you see Victoria standing on a bed checking out her reflection in that red dress.  It's a cute dress, and it looks great on her.  She did not ask for any opinions from Derrick about it.   Let's call it Outfit #2.

Little booty flash as Victoria gets a pair of boy shorts out of drawer.  Nothing too bad, or I wouldn't post it here.

Derrick thanks Cody for making him a breakfast sandwich, but reminds him he can't eat real food this week.  Caleb ended up eating Derrick's sandwich.

And here's Victoria just a few moments later, wearing Outfit #3.  I think this is the one she actually wore for the PoV player pick ceremony.  Not sure what was wrong with Outfit #2, although she might want to save that one for a live show.

Nicole and Derrick ate mushrooms and slop for breakfast.  The house guests got some play toys from Production the night before to keep them busy.  They got cans of Play Doh and also body paints, which the girls were really excited about.

After they picked players for the PoV, people scattered around the house to nap and get ready for the competition.  Victoria and Nicole sat together, getting pumped up for the comp.

Victoria:  I'm going to do everything possible to win today...I promise you that.

Nicole:  Thank you. It would be great if you won today...because no one is expecting it.

Victoria asked the DR if the competition would be physical, because she was still so sore from the HoH comp.

Victoria:  She said she couldn't tell me that, but it was something I could do, and I might be good at it.

They did some stretching, and Nicole talked about how fierce they needed to be.  We'll call this Outfit #4 for Victoria.

Frankie brought all of his makeup to the dining table, and put it all on right there, saying that he was getting ready for his DR session and costume.  He would need to go into the DR twice before the comp begun.  He thought they had about an hour before kick off.

I've never watched Frankie spray his hair before, but today I saw it.  Lots and lots of hair spray involved with that look.

The conversation in the bedroom was all about libations.  Cody drank one of Caleb's Monster Energy drinks and says he is so stoked, he's bouncing off the wall.  The drink was sugar-free so he knows he won't crash.  He claims to drink two Rock Stars at home every morning.

(That stuff will KILL you, people.)

And they are even more stoked about getting drunk later in the day, and evening.  They've been saving up for the occasion and Caleb and Cody are really looking forward to it.

Caleb:  Whoooeee..  Me and you will be feeling right!

Nicole touched up her toenail polish.

And helped Victoria with her ponytail.  Nicole says when you wear it up high like she does, it doesn't hurt your head as much.

(Pulling your hair up can really hurt your scalp, if you don't know.)

Nicole wanted to paint something on Victoria's leg.  She painted a flower.

Nicole:  This is how we need to be...all sweet and pretty on the outside around here, but a fierce competitor out there.

Victoria also painted the word "Fire" in Hebrew on Nicole, at Nicole's request.  They planned to keep it a secret.  Later I heard Cody ask what it meant and Nicole wouldn't tell him, saying he should ask Victoria.

Victoria told Cody it was Hebrew for "love" but Cody knew that was not true.

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