Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet Beast Mode Adam and Princess Eve #BB16

Yesterday's Battle of the Block was a little different than normal...instead of the two teams just fighting each other, they had to take punishments to win.  This all happened around 7:20 pm BBT last night.

Caleb and Victoria won, and are being punished by having to be attached to each other in Adam and Eve costumes for 48 hours..   You can see the little chain is covered in leaves.

 Everyone enjoys the spectacle, and says they look great.

I think Victoria's hair is supposed to cover her bikini top, and I hear Derrick tell her they need some double-sided tape.  Apparently Victoria's top already has a rip in it, and Production is working to put a solution together.

Caleb also has to shave his head later as part of another punishment, so enjoy Caleb's hair while you can.  With Victoria's extreme hair issues, I know this is going to be a tough couple of days for her.  She requires a lot of privacy from the other house guests and also from the cameras to get her extensions on, so I hope she can keep it together for 48 hours.

I think Caleb took slop as a punishment, too, but I'll be reporting on that later.

Caleb flexes his quad muscles and they tell him that's his best angle. Can you imagine if Zach and Jocosta had to do this?

Look at Christine's face in the picture below. Funny.  Um...her friends Hayden and Nicole have been talking about how Christine throws the comps so she doesn't get her hands dirty....Christine is not in trouble this week, but she might be soon if she's not careful.

Frankie can smell good camera time a mile away, and asserts himself into the action by asking Victoria "so you get to sleep with that?".  And then, as you see Frankie got up there with them to ensure he isn't ignored during this scene, which is sure to be on the CBS show, right?

Caleb announces that he is thirsty and leads Victoria into the kitchen in search of a drink.  They walk around and around the kitchen while he finds what he is looking for while the house guests chatter.  Christine says this is the most awkward thing she's ever seen.  Frankie can be heard talking about Caleb's body, and "joked" that he needed to spend about 10 minutes upstairs in the HoH Room.

Frankie you're gay, we get it, so STFU now.  And you're not the HoH anymore, either.

Now Caleb announces he has to pee, too.  On the couch Jocosta is saying that she and Zach "didn't go for that one" meaning the costume, I think.  I'm sure Nicole is glad she didn't get stuck wearing a costume again.  She's already done her time.

In the bathroom Victoria waits outside for Caleb, and says she couldn't even sit down right now if she wanted to because the chain isn't long enough.  I'm thinking the wig is part of the Eve costume, so maybe that would be an easier option for Victoria then having to fool with her own "hair system" for the next two days.

(If you are one of the seven people who don't already know about Victoria's hair, you can read about that here.)

Caleb is laughing inside the WC about what is involved on his end to make things happen.

I want you to look at that filthy bathroom...go ahead..just look.  I'll bet those red and blue towels are wet, too, or at least damp, which is a haven for all sorts of bacteria.

They are having problems ALREADY with leaves falling off of the costume and Victoria says "her top is completely off".  What kind of ghetto costumes are these?  Doesn't CBS have a wardrobe department?

Victoria:  This is fun.  You know how they do the shunning of a costume?  There's no fricking shunning of this costume!

Caleb did wash his hands, but used that red towel to dry them.  I'm glad he made the effort, but really why even bother?  Everyone is just transferring the germs from one place and person to another.

Victoria wanted to go sit in the living room with everybody else, but Caleb wanted to stop in the kitchen and get his coffee that he just brewed.  Derrick was at the sink and commented that the chain connecting them was not as long as he expected it to be.

Victoria:  That's what we thought, too!

Caleb announces that the two of them have to go barefoot for 48 hours, too, and he jokes that Victoria wanted Eve to wear 4-inch heels.

I'm sure CBS is happy about this costume pairing.  If people at home who just watch the CBS show didn't know who Victoria is, this week should change that.  And it's looking like Victoria will be on the show for at least a few more weeks to come.

I haven't heard anyone say it yet, but she might be the perfect person to take to Final Two for someone who wants to win the game (Derrick?).  He might stay true to Cody, of course, but sometimes the best plans don't work out on Big Brother.

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