Monday, August 11, 2014

Loyalty...What Loyalty? Nicole Takes a Seat. #BB16

Today was kind of a typical day in the Big Brother house, involving all of the usual activities:

*  whispering
*  scheming
*  dashing hopes and dreams
*  accusations of blackstabbing
*  gloating
*  weeping
*  lying
*  sleeping the day away

 Nicole was really nervous about the upcoming PoV ceremony this morning.  She had a bad feeling about it.

Caleb had a little chat with Zach, basically telling him to quit being a jackass, and that they were rolling to the end of the game with the numbers to win.  Personally, I was excited that Zach may go a full day without wearing Amber's tired grey and black sweater.

And once again, the Beast Mode Cowboy speaks the truth, in a rational manner.  Who would have guessed he would take a turn towards sanity?

After the PoV ceremony, Nicole was trying to control her pain.  During the ceremony, part of Christine's speech said she wanted to "take the knife out of her back so that it couldn't be used again".  Or something along those lines.

Nicole thought Christine was very mean-looking during the ceremony. (I heard Victoria say Christine was so nervous her face was "red as a tomato".)

Donny gave Nicole great advice, saying he's been there plenty of times before, and she should try to go inside and talk to people like she normally would as soon as she could, because that would help her feel more normal.

Nicole:  I knew it was going to happen...Cody couldn't look at me, Derrick looked weird, and Frankie looked way too happy.  I've known for a while now that Christine wanted to be the last girl in the house, so she's here when the guys start picking each other off.  I've known that...

Donny encouraged her to pull Christine aside to ask her what she meant by that comment.  I think Donny may have been relieved to see Nicole go up in Zach's place, because it is a strong indication that Nicole is the target, rather than him.

Nicole hopes her family is proud of her.  She seems to be under the impression that America hates her, and that she is portrayed in a negative manner.  I think she will be pleased with the truth when she gets out.  She really had guts, to try and boot Frankie two different times.  She was a little naive, but I know we all appreciate her trying to play hard.

(Of course, Thursday is about a year from now, in BBT, so Donny could still leave, too.)

Nicole:  Hayden's going to be so mad that Christine backdoored me.

Nicole went inside, and it was a little awkward.  There was tension.

Victoria looks pretty this morning. She had a nice chat with Derrick where it seemed they patched up their little issue they had over the weekend.  Of course.  Derrick handled that whole situation with ease.

(The whole drama started with Zach running his mouth, of course. You can see that here.)

Frankie really gloated that Nicole was on the block now.  He wasn't gracious at all about it.  Shocker.  For that reason alone, I hope Donny is the one to go this week.

Let's wipe that smile right off Frankie's face.

Christine:  Well.....that happened!  Thank you for not hitting me!

Nicole talked to Victoria about how much it hurt, and how unfair it seemed.  Christine was her best friend in the house, she says, and she spent much of the experience with her in the game.  Nicole is not a crybaby, but she did start crying and Victoria rubbed her knee in support.

Then she came over and gave her a nice hug.

Zach burst in the room and Nicole jumped up, saying "is this your bed?"  Zach told her no, he was taking a nap in another bed.  And then Victoria and Nicole got out of the room, fast.

I'm a little disappointed Zach didn't say anything to her about being nominated.  Didn't he just recite a little poem about starting a showmance with her a few days ago?

Have a heart, Zach.

Finally, Nicole asked Christine to talk to her in the Hive.  She wanted to know what Christine meant about the knife in her back.  Christine told her that the guys said Nicole planned to put her on the block last week, but she won the PoV.

Nicole was glad to hear this, because it proved that at least Christine had a reason for what she did.  She explained that the guys wanted her to do that, but she never planned to really do it...she wanted Frankie out initially, and got screwed when the  house voted out Jocosta.

When she's stressed, Christine tends to say things about the game that you can't really argue with, like "this game is hard".  I'm not sure that was comforting to Nicole, but at least she said something.

Christine:  This is the hardest thing I've ever done in this game, and probably in life, too.

Cody napped.  He's never been on the block, and neither has Derrick.  But like all good things, that will come to an end, soon.

Sweet dreams Cody

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  1. I guess it is a crap shoot about how intuitive and together a person who lived thru Iraq and/or Afghanistan could be, I personally could not imagine the hell that so many soldiers experienced, but maybe Caleb turned out half way ok, despite his rather insensitive, un-courteous twitter comments from a few years back.. As he is presenting himself right here, right now, on the Big Brother television program, he is likeable and intelligent in his game play, even if he mixed up the use of prescription and subscription as words.


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