Monday, August 4, 2014

Looks Like a Bad Week for Zach Fans... #BB16

We were all excited at the prospect of Frankie Grande getting backdoored this week by Nicole, and sending his backstabbing ass home on Thursday.  But it doesn't look like Christine will use the PoV she won on Saturday night.

Last night Derrick and Cody chatted, and they agreed that Zach had to go this week.  He is too volatile for their games, and if they vote to keep him they feel their positions in the game will be too exposed.  They would have loved to send Frankie home, too, but unfortunately the PoV didn't work in their favor.

Frankie is a Have Not this week and has spent a lot of time in the kitchen working with the "Pea Lime Pie" foods voted on by the internet.  He's been using the pie crusts to make "Slop Pie" and also covering them with sugar and spices and baking them for a sweet treat.  Cody even broke apart the pie crust pieces and ate them in a bowl with milk like cereal.  Frankie is also working on a pea hummus recipe and made some pea soup last night.

Around 2:00 am BBT, Frankie took a bowl of his pea soup outside on the patio and chatted with Derrick, Cody and Hayden about various topics.  Production gave Frankie a few pair of extra socks to wear in the Have Not room due to his medical condition.  Derrick would love to cook up tuna steaks at home like they do in the house but after looking at the price tag he says he can't afford it. Cody doesn't like pea soup, but loves lentil soup even though it makes him gassy.

Frankie got up to go in the house and Hayden interrupted Derrick mid-sentence.

Hayden:  Real quick question while he's not around...

Cody:  YES.  I fucking can't stand to have him around.

Derrick laughed.

Cody:  Oh, that wasn't the question?

Hayden:  No, but good comment.

Hayden is fairly certain that the PoV will not be used in tomorrow's PoV Ceremony.  He wonders what they should say to Caleb and Frankie about voting Zach out.  They think they should keep it a secret until later in the week, at least.

Derrick doesn't think Caleb would ever even consider voting out Zach, but Cody tells him that he's heard Caleb say he doesn't trust Zach or Frankie.

(But that was long ago and far way, when Amber was in the house...)

Derrick thinks they should keep their plans quiet around Frankie as long as possible.  Cody says he doesn't "give a fuck about Frankie" (i.e. their alliance with him).

Hayden:  If Zach knew, he would freak the fuck out...

Derrick:  Oh yeah, we need to tell him he's safe..for peace of mind anyway.

Cody reports that Christine is on board to evict Zach, and they will all just agree to "play pacifier" this week.

Derrick:  I agree this is what to do this week, but when it's my time to go, I expect someone to tell me, so I don't look like an ass.

Cody agrees that if he's up there, he wants someone to tell him if he doesn't have the votes so he knows.

Derrick:  Yeah, you'd be pissed, and you would still campaign, but at least you don't look like a fucking jackass.  That's what I would be hurt about.

(Do you think Zach cares about looking like a fucking jackass?  To me, if Zach is going on Thursday, and I now think he is, then the bigger the splash it makes, the better it will be down the road for him.  Zach's camera presence is not going unnoticed by the CBS executives....)

Hayden is glad that they're all on the same page.  Cody leaned forward to tell them that earlier that day Christine made a comment to him about getting rid of Zach.  There are other people outside so Cody leans back so it "doesn't look weird".

Derrick wonders if they can blame the plan to evict Zach on Christine when they tell Frankie.  Hayden says he's thought about that.  Cody thinks that is a bad idea because she will flip the script on them and out their alliance, because if the alliance was true none of them would be voting Zach out.

Now Hayden brings up trying to put Frankie in a frame of mind to evict Donny if he wins HoH during the Double Eviction.

Hayden:  I'm really not sure if Christine is on board with the plan...I'm not sure where she stands.

Cody:  Dude, she is so tough to read. I don't say much to Christine...I feel like she's been off the fucking radar for the last two weeks.

Hayden:  If she thinks you are going to be in power, she will start clinging to you again..that's what she's doing with Nicole right now...

Cody:  And she's definitely linked to Frankie.


I took these pictures after the PoV competition.  Zach was in the shower and seemed happy about the game.  He mouthed the words "I threw it" at least once, laughing.  I think he was kidding, but really who knows.

Zach doesn't shower that often in there, so these pictures are kind of rare.

Frankie assured him he was safe and had the votes to stay. But we all know Frankie is a backstabbing liar.

(Hayden calls him "The Actor" when he and Nicole talk about him.)

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