Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's Look Back Quickly, and Then Move Forward #BB16

Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I was upset about the Battle of the Block fiasco, but even more upset about Frankie doubling down on being an obnoxious, self-absorbed narcissist.  

But maybe that was too harsh.

Or not harsh enough.  You can read my summary of the BoB fiasco results here.

Anyway, Cody was a Have Not last week, so he wasn't very active on the live feeds.  He did a lot of laying around, talking about how hungry he was.  I feel like I barely saw him.

Hey Boo.

That's all.  Not too much more to say about him, other than after watching Amber sitting in with Jeff Schroeder to make commentary on the live feed highlights, it is clear that Amber wants to hit that.

She listed the best things about him...his abs..his body...his skinny jeans (?).  Amber better go strong into that Finale, because Cody is going to have a line of chicks trying to get some at every party he goes to out there.  (Starting with one or two girls from BB15...)

Christine is HoH, but you'd never know it from looking in the HoH room.  Ever since Frankie announced his Big Secrets, he has acted like it was his HoH room, even wearing Christine's robe around the house.

In fact, last night (Saturday night) Christine slept in the Rock Room, saying she preferred it, but she told other people that she just needed to get away from Frankie.  If the next HoH competition is endurance-related, Frankie's chances to win are pretty she is smart to try and keep up appearances with him.

But she is also smart to keep away from him, so that everyone else doesn't tie her to him for eviction purposes.  Don't get me wrong, Christine has some image problems in the house right now, but staying downstairs while she is HoH is a wise move.  It is wrong to segregate yourself while there is so much going on, so much chatter.

Before the PoV comp yesterday, Zach was very down, and went to the Have Not room with his new Have Not roommate, Donny.  Donny really tried to cheer up Zach, telling him not to give up, and that he needs to eat something to get ready to compete.

Nicole came in and gave Donny a few tips on surviving the week, since he's never been a Have Not before.  She recommended taking pillows from the Rock Room and sleeping on top of them, since the bed surface is so hard and uncomfortable.

Christine only had to name two Have Nots, but Nicole said if there was going to be a third Have Not, it was going to be her.  I don't remember specifically hearing her say she volunteered, but I did hear Zach say that later to Cody.

By the way, I don't think Zach is lying...on the contrary I think he is going to set off Truth Bombs from now on, and then duck to avoid the shrapnel.

Donny just wears short "footie" socks, which he says his girlfriend makes fun of.  He got a longer pair of socks from a competition though, and he plans to wear them at night, when the Have Not room temperature drops down to near-freezing levels.

(It's probably only 50 or 60 degrees, but the way they bitch about it, you'd think penguins were living in there.)

The rest of these pictures are from Friday, so my limited short term memory is going to come into play here.

I don't remember the reason why I took the following four pictures, but I will post them anyways.  I'm guessing it had something to do with what Derrick is eating...but I'm not sure.

Christine loves the pictures of her family and her husband and couldn't say enough good things about them. She has been carrying the white-framed picture around the house with her, (her husband's picture) and she ate breakfast with it, too.

On Friday, when Zach still thought the BoB was rigged for him and Donny to win, he was in great spirits.  He spent a long time talking to Victoria on a one-on-one basis.

They actually discussed asking Production to make sure their seats were together on the plane ride home to Florida.  Zach actually said he would ask to fly into Fort Lauderdale since that is where Victoria wants to land.

(I think he would normally fly into West Palm Beach.)

She talked a lot about her little brother, and they also made plans to go out together with both of their little brothers.  I think they said the beach, or golfing.

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