Thursday, August 14, 2014

Let's Enjoy Our Own Private (Quiet) Zach Attack #BB16 #ZachAttack

Just after 6:00 am this morning, Zach found himself Home Alone in the Big Brother 16 house.  Frankie just went to bed, leaving Zach alone with the live feeders.

And probably a skeleton camera crew in the Control Room.

Zach whispered to us, and what he said was pretty much what you would have expected.  I had to turn my wireless headphones way, way up to listen to Zach's pearls of wisdom.

For example:

"I'm still here baby!  Day fifty-six!  And I'm gonna be here on Day sixty-three too!  (That's next Thursday, if you don't feel like doing the math.)


"Nicole!  You're going straight to the Jury!"


"This saved me, baby!"


"I'm winning the five hundred G's, baby!  Five hundred G's!  I"ll be sitting right here in one of these chairs!"


"What am I going to do with the money?.....Hmmm."

"I am going to spend it ALL in ONE WEEK in Vegas.  If you'd like to help me spend it, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  My name is Ranceypants".

He even spelled it for us.  Twice.

You know, in case we're not that bright.

"I'll fly all of you out to Vegas to help me spend it.  Please follow me if you want to help me!"


Don't think for one moment that this is how Zach will spend his prize money.  He has said over and over that he wants to go home on the first flight the day after the Finale.

But if Zach wins, he will be staying out in LA for a few more days, to meet a slew of media obligations.  But in that case I'm sure his family will be out there with him, too.

And for the record, as I write this, Zach now has 43,100 followers on Twitter.

(Zach continued his chat with us in The Hive.  You can see that here.)

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