Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lazy Afternoon #BB16

It is so quiet in there....it's usually not this boring in the daytime until the last two weeks or so.

Nicole and Donny sit outside and make sporadic conversation.  They speculate about the Jury house...how often are cameras there?  Do they get to watch movies?

Zach sleeps.  Derrick and Cody are also sleeping in the Rock Room with him right now, each dude in his own bed.

Caleb woke up from his nap.  I think he just a few more days of slop.  I heard him tell Zach he has beef jerky and candy hidden in the house to eat as soon as his slop penalty ends.  Zach hid some Bolthouse Farms smoothies in the back of the fridge because he plans to drink those when his Have Not week ends.

Nicole hopes she can go back to her normal life.  She's worried that she has been portrayed in a way that will make people think of her differently.

Nicole:  I think I could be portrayed as bratty...I know I was feisty.  I should have just been the same old sweet Nicole in here...I might have gone further.

He sees us.  RUN!

Nicole needs to take her state board tests when she gets back home, and then she wants to work in a hospital.

Nicole:  After this experience, I think I'd be okay moving.

Donny:  Really?

Nicole:  Yeah, if I can't get a job at home I think I would move out on my own.  I've always wanted to live in Chicago...I'd try that.

(Me too.)

Her dream job would be to be a nurse practioner.  Donny worked in a greenhouse once, and liked it.

Donny:  If I can't get my job back, I think I'd be a janitor...push a broom.  It's not a bad job...the kids like you.

Nicole:  If I do go home this Thursday, will you promise to do everything you can to make it to the end?  There's not too many people I want to vote for at the end.

Donny:  That'd be impossible.  They're locked in tight.  And it looks like they don't want to  use nobody else to get the others out.  They just want to let the chips fall.  They're like the four horsemen.

Nicole:  Would you say it's Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Christine?

Donny:  Yep.

Nicole:  The thing is, the more people don't like you, the more people want to take you to the end, so you get the votes.  Like, if Derrick goes to the end, he's winning,  Hands down.

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