Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jeff Talks to Amber After Her Blindside #BB16

Jeff sat down with Amber on Friday after her Thursday eviction and it's the same old Amber we all know...sweet, smiley and very naive about the Big Brother game.

Obviously Amber is being inundated with questions about Caleb, and it sounds like she has been debriefed about a few things since her eviction.  Amber says she tried to be nice to everyone and was shocked none of her friends in the house voted for her to stay.

Devin's name came up, and Jeff assured her that he is a totally different person than the one she saw in the house, so everyone is a little crazy in there. 

Jeff brought up Amber telling Julie Chen that she thought Donny was running the game.  Amber has since learned that Derrick is actually running the game, and is glad for him.  She says she thought everybody loved Donny and that is why he was the leader.

Do they not have make up for Jeff on set?  His nose looks like he had a sporting accident while he was wearing sunglasses.

Jeff prefaced his comments about Caleb by saying again that people get crazy in that house, but then asked Amber why Caleb could never button up his shirt.

Jeff:  Are you in shock seeing somebody with his shirt buttoned up right now?

Amber: Well, I like it buttoned up...I like to wonder what it will be like later..

She mocked Caleb wearing the onesie with it zipped all the way down and said she didn't need to see that.

Jeff comments that Amber kept it classy, and never gave Caleb any indication that Jeff could see that would lead Caleb on.  Amber heard backstage that Caleb got mad and threw her bunny slippers and they laugh about that.

Jeff said Caleb immediately just became obsessed with Amber in a "5th grade" type of way and she agreed.  She's seen the footage of Caleb staring at her through the glass door and thinks she has a lot to learn about how bad his obsession with her actually was.

Jeff acknowledges that Amber played the game very honestly and she is proud of that.

Jeff:  I can understand that, because I tried to play a straight game too, but not that straight...

Amber was surprised that her friends like Christine and Cody didn't throw her a vote or warn her about leaving.  Jeff asked her about Cody, mentioning they looked pretty cozy in there.

Amber:  Cody's like my brother.

Jeff:  Well, I don't want to hold hands with my brother on the couch.

Amber:  Cody and I had a secret squeeze we would do with our fingers....

Jeff:  Well it looks inappropriate to me.

They laughed but Amber wouldn't show the squeeze to Jeff.  She mentioned Frankie acting shady in the house and going from one side to another.  She doesn't think he is in trouble yet, but thinks he may be soon.

She heard the house guests speculating about Donny's actual job, but she says he talked about plants and flowers all of the time, so she always believed he was a groundskeeper.

Jeff asked Amber if she remembered meeting him before the show started and filming the "time capsule" message to herself.

Amber:  Yes!  Do ya'll have that?

Jeff said they did, and showed Amber the footage of her congratulating herself on winning Big Brother and using the money to help her family and take a little trip.

 At the end of the interview Jeff gave Amber a gift....a fucking plastic tumbler and Amber acts excited about it, saying she's from Tennessee and they use cups like that all of the time.

Jeff taps the cup to let us all know it's durable plastic, and will "last forever".

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