Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Was Quite an "Operation" #BB16

It sounds like the Battle of the Block game was based on the old children's game "Operation".  I don't know if this game is still in production now, but this is what the board looked like:

The Operation game board was powered by a few batteries, and you had to use tweezers to place the bones and other assorted plastic body parts into their space.  The spaces were designed so that the pieces were a close fit, and they were rimmed with a metal border.  If your tweezers touched the metal while you were trying to get the pieces in there, there was a LOUD BUZZ and the patient's nose would light up.

I always found it terrifying, and nerve wracking, just waiting for that loud noise.  I never really thought about the fact that we were staring at a naked fat guy.  But I do remember thinking the patient's hair looked like Moe from the Three Stooges.

(In the Battle of the Block, they had to search for bones in the dark, I think, and then fit them into place on the wall.  Not every bone fit, though, which was reportedly a problem for Caleb.)


*  Caleb told Frankie that he was looking for "money coins" instead of bones during the competition.

*  Derrick heard someone cheer for Donny on the other side of the wall after he won.

*  Derrick is trying to put some love out there for Donny, saying that he respects his win, and that Donny knows what's up now.

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