Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm The Star Here...And Don't You Forget It! #BB16

Apparently Production wants Caleb to get cleaned up before moving forward with whatever treatment options they are going to give him.  They must have called for Cody and Derrick to help him get into the shower, and  Frankie pitched a mini hissy fit.

Frankie:  I'm the one who helped him come in the house, and I requested to be the one who helps him into the shower....they didn't honor my request!

Derrick: Maybe because we're taller?

Frankie:  But look, I can do it!

(What a fucking dick this kid is.  Frankie deserves everything he is going to get --or not get---from the fans this year.)

Caleb's lower back hurts, too.  Derrick tells him that is what the Alleve is for....I think Christine, Derrick and Caleb each took two packets of Alleve.  Cody had to open the packets for them because their hands were too slippery to tear them open.

Frankie:  Maybe they'll give you crutches!

Caleb:  They're gonna have to...and I'll probably have to leave the game and hobble over to the Jury house.

Frankie:  Are you kidding?  You can just stay and let us compete for you!

Derrick, looking around:  Yeah...don't even say that....don't say that.

Caleb tried to lean back on the bench, and it is clear the pain is excruciating.

Frankie:  Do you want me to take your pants off?

Caleb muttered something that was not a yes.

Frankie:  I'll be taking care of him all night. You all know where I'm sleeping, right?  I'll be right next to him all night long.

(Now that Frankie may be aware the fans hate him, maybe he will slip into Full Bitch Mode, which would be something to see indeed....)

Caleb feels the hot water, and has to grip the glass to stand.  That can't be safe, right?  Hanging on to that glass door?

Derrick:  We looked like straight up villains tonight...evicting Donny.  You could just feel it...

Cody stayed behind and filled Caleb in on what he saw during the competition.  They are trying to figure out if Christine told Nicole to start scooping the slush during the competition.  Cody stresses that Nicole had no way to win, but they do think that Christine may have given Nicole the tip to help her out.

Cody:  We just can't take the risk right now...

Caleb: No, we can't.

Caleb hopes he feels better later, after the shower and the Alleve kicks in.

Caleb:  I'm gonna have a lot of dead time this week, though.  I know it.

Caleb doesn't know how he's going to wash his feet off.

Cody:  Just pop a squat, dude, and sit on a towel maybe.  Oh...but the cameras....right there..

They realize that the cameras will probably give Caleb a break and not show us the view.

Cody:  I'm just sitting here in case...

Caleb: In case I fall dude!  Ah...I dropped the dadgum soap!

(I can't make this stuff up.)

Caleb groans as he bends down to get the soap.  I guess...the cameras aren't giving us a view of that.  Out of respect, I'm sure.

During the comp, when Caleb was obviously in trouble, trying to motivate himself, he started singing one of the songs I think the Army sings during their marches.  ("I want to be a...")  I knew then he was really messed up and just trying to get through it.

What a story arc Caleb has had in this game.....

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