Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm Not Sure What to Even Say About This Video "Starring" Frankie #BB16

In the wee hours this morning, Nicole had the munchies for something sweet so she tried to make a slop pancake with protein powder.  Caleb was very punchy and took a whole scoop of protein powder and tried to eat it.

This reminded Frankie of himself, and how he starred in a You Tube video about the Cinnamon Challenge.  He repeated over and over that we all should watch this video.  I refuse to link to any of Frankie's videos, but this video actually belongs to someone named GloZell.

And Frankie does appear to star in it.  But does doing this make him a star?

I can't answer that.

During BB13, the house guests were talking about the Cinnamon Challenge in the backyard, and Rachel did it.  She took a large tablespoon of cinnamon and ate it without drinking any water or anything.

I was worried about her for a few minutes there, but since Brendon was watching I was hoping he could handle things if Rachel started convulsing or choking to death.

Don't try this at home, kids.  Or at someone else's home either.

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