Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Long Will the #BB16 Have Not Predicament Continue?

They don't even bother to cover it on the CBS show anymore....I would rather watch them really chow down on some good food in the final weeks of the game...grilling, chilling, and boozing it up.  But I don't make the rules, of course.

The live feeders have voted, and they chose "Squish Kabobs" by a wide margin.

Now, what in the world is that supposed to be?  I certainly know what a kabob is, but to build a kabob you need fresh vegetables, and usually some sort of meat (if you are a meat-eater).

I guess "squish" will be squash?  But if that is the case why wouldn't it be "Squash Kabobs"?

We can guess all day, but we won't know for sure until Saturday, which seems to be the Have Not reveal day.

Root cake sounds interesting, because I imagine root beer and birthday cake, but it would probably be something gross like horseradish (a root) and rice cakes.

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