Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HoH Picture Friction Time #BB16

I had the live feeds going and my wireless headphones on, and wasn't really paying attention to the live feeds until I heard the clear sounds of Christine bitching at Victoria in a VERY snappy tone.  I immediately looked up to see just what was going on.

Nicole has her HoH camera, but don't be surprised if the only pictures on the CBS website involve Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Victoria, and Donny.  Donny posed for a few shots with this green wall backdrop and then went about his normal morning routine.

Victoria and Nicole were going to pose against the wall, and at first Victoria was on the other side of Nicole, opposite of what you see below.

Victoria:  I need to be on the other side of Nicole.

Christine:  Why?

Victoria:  Because I need to be.

Christine:  She's the HoH..she can stand on any side she wants.

Victoria:  But I have a facial defect...you'll all see after the show is over.

Christine, so snappy:  What facial defect?  You wear your hair up...we all see everything!

Victoria wanted to use the beach ball as a prop, and then ended up being on the side she wanted to be on.

Nicole didn't want to do it, and had to be persuaded to throw her head back and smile.

They took almost every possible combination of shots together, so Hayden went for some action poses like playing pool or running but they had constant problems with the lighting not being right.  Nicole thanked them for being awake right now, unlike everybody else.

I would love to have Nicole's hair, just for one day.

I'm sure Victoria would, too.

They went inside and Victoria suggested that they shoot a picture of Nicole coming down the staircase.
Nicole:  Yeah, the staircase is really neat looking.

Victoria:  I know..I'm a photographer!

They took the picture and Nicole loved it---Victoria had directed her to lean over on the staircase a little and Nicole loved all the bright colors.

Victoria:  You see?

Then she wanted Nicole to get on Hayden's back for a picture.

Nicole:  No...that's so stupid...

Victoria:  Just try it.

Nicole:  Oh it's really cute...look Hayden!

Christine:  I want to see!

Hayden:  It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

As all this takes place, we see Zach sleeping in the Rock Room, while the sounds of Christine laughing are nearly deafening.

Earlier today Donny told Hayden that the sound of Christine's "piercing cackle" drives him crazy, and he thinks the people in Production that have to hear it in the control room probably want to quit their jobs at least five times a day, because it probably isn't worth it.

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