Friday, August 22, 2014

HoH Aftermath - I Hate Him But I Love You And I Don't Trust Her #BB16

The HoH competition ended just before BBAD started last night.  As the show started, the air was full of tension in the living room, as Donny stood around, looking shocked.

Nicole:  I can't believe I was the first one out...I'm so embarrassed!

Christine:  I know!  My family is probably so embarrassed!

Then the cameras shifted to the Fire Room, where Derrick, Cody and Caleb were all pumped up, and talking excitedly about what just happened.  The competition involved identifying the days that certain events happened in the house, and Donny almost won.  At the end, the game was between Donny and Cody, and Donny thought he won.  He went to hit his buzzer and it didn't light up because Cody had pushed his button only moments before.

Derrick:  We looked like idiots out there.  I was like a kid with my head down, and it killed me that I couldn't see you guys compete.  I could only hear you running back and forth and it was so hard to listen to.

Apparently Derrick and Caleb had quite a celebration when Cody won, and Derrick thinks it might have been a little too much.  They're already smack-talking Donny, mentioning some comments that Donny made that offended them.

Derrick:  After you (Caleb) told me what he said about me...that he couldn't stand me (I think)..I don't care anymore.

Cody:  And they're all going to come to me and say, Caleb said this, and Derrick said that, but I don't care.

Derrick:  You can tell them that you've been hearing things they said too, and one of them is fucking going home.

Who knew Cody has been busy memorizing dates and events this summer?  He thinks Hayden would have been great at the competition, because he was always counting the days and reciting things.

Cody is very upset with Donny, mentioning all of the little jabs and comments he has made to Cody recently.

Cody:  I was on slop and passed some gas, and Donny said my manners were gone.  There were no girls in the room, so what's the big deal?

Christine:  Yeah, we're like a family now...we all live together!

Victoria is very happy with the results this week.  Clearly Donny is the target, with Nicole being a tentative backup target.  (I say that because if Donny wins the PoV, who knows what may happen after that.  When Derrick and Cody talked last week, Derrick wanted to backstab Frankie before he could get them, but maybe having Nicole come back has changed all that.)

Derrick is hungry.  He has said he doesn't eat much before the live shows, in case there is a stressful or lengthy competition.  Apparently he is worried about having certain biologic urges when his game is on the line.

It sounds like Donny was saying that he was just guessing his answers during the HoH Comp.

Derrick:  Yeah.  Guessing my ass.

Frankie:  He's a frickin' genius.  And he and Hayden studied the days all the time.

Christine told Nicole how crappy the Transylvanian Goulash Have Not foods are, as Nicole crunches potato chips.  The Have Nots can't eat until midnight on Friday.

Nicole enjoyed hearing about the Zingbot and Kathy Griffin, and was bummed to miss that.  Now they tell her about their items missing, and Christine says they had a Saboteur.  Nicole is confused.

(So are we.)

Frankie:  And Jocosta was such a bitch to me! (imitates Jocosta giving him a shitty hug tonight) What did I ever do to her?  Fuck her!

Nicole:  I don't feel good.  I have a headache.  I was locked up all day...I didn't even know I was at CBS.

Christine:  They didn't tell you?

Nicole:  No!  I didn't even know what was happening until about 30 minutes before...we were blindfolded in the car and the trip seemed so short I didn't even know we were back at CBS.

(I would throw up if I had to ride in the car blindfolded, much less being in the Big Brother situation.  This is exactly what Brendon said after he came back to BB13---he had no idea what the deal was until moments before they appeared on the CBS show live.)

Before the HoH Comp, there was a lot of tension in the house as Derrick gathered his troops to stress the competition was a Must Win for them.

And there was a lot of interrupted discussion regarding Ariana making her presence known to Hayden after he left in the Double Eviction.  You can see my coverage of that here.

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