Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Mourning, House Guests #BB16

Big Brother is prodding all of the HG to get up and get ready for the PoV Ceremony today.  Right after the wake up music, they started calling people in to the DR.  They called Nicole but she told them she just woke up and wanted to put on some makeup.  So they gave her a few minutes to go back to the HoH room to get ready.

Victoria must thinks she has a lot of privacy in the HoH bathroom, because she is being very open about clipping in her extensions.  Or maybe she is just feeling more comfortable in general around there.  She did spend two days barefoot in a bikini, after all, and was chained to Caleb the whole time.

She brushes out each panel of extensions and then clips them in.  I counted at least three panels (or whatever they are called) and I think there may have been more.

I know Victoria is going to be upset with me for posting pictures of her real hair, but my wish for her is that she realizes that as a person she is more than just her hair...and she can live without all the fake hair very nicely.

It's just too much.  People end up noticing her hair, and not her.

Donny's already done his morning routine by now, before anybody else has barely started.

Zach and Christine were alone for a few minutes in the kitchen, and I was waiting for him to say something to her about the PoV, to make one last attempt to change his fate in the game.

She asked him if he was making eggs, and I don't think he even bothered to answer her.  Zach thinks he has the votes to stay, of course, so maybe if he knew the truth he would have tried to save himself.

Zach is making himself an M & M pancake, of course.  Any true fan of the live feeds or a regular reader of mine knows how much he loves a ginormous M & M pancake.

Frankie can be heard yammering away nonstop in the background---of course he doesn't want Zach to have any time alone with the PoV holder....hell no.

Christine is really taking it from the fans on the internet.  She might as well go Full Villain at this point since Fan Favorite is out of the question.

Being friends with someone the fans turned on (Frankie) and trying to undermine someone the fans really love (Nicole) is never a good equation as far as the fans go, so she might as well just go for it and start cutting throats in there.

Also, the many Cody fans (and "Nicody" fans) don't Christine being within 10 feet of Cody, much less being so handsy and all.  For the record, I see Cody being A LOT more handsy with her than she is with him, but that doesn't matter to the Cody fans.

The diet is getting to Caleb. The Slop diet.  He looks great with a shaved head, though, so he shouldn't be too upset with that.

I heard Nicole admit that as a fan she would have loved the BoB competition, but as a player she hated it.  She was ready to get dunked any minute, but Derrick said it was a great competition because even if you won, you were punished.

Beast Mode Cowboy paces... but his feet are feeling super cozy...

Wearing Amber's bunny slippers.

Ha ha ha.  Dnn't get caught laughing, though, because Caleb will cut a bitch.

And for the "Nicody" fans, I took a picture of Cody hugging Nicole that I thought you would like.  It  probably doesn't matter what the real context is, but for the record Nicole was telling them how upset she was earlier when Cody talked smack about her HUGE jar of pickled eggs.  He said they smelled and were gross, so she went upstairs and cried.

Yes, that is true.

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