Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get My Agent on the Phone! #BB16

Derrick has been having a really rough time.  He has fallen hard several times, and his tailbone already hurts.  They did get him a pair of shoes that fit, though, and he thanked Heath for the assistance.

Christine wanted to ditch her shoes altogether, and go barefoot, but Production wouldn't let her.  It's probably a Health Department thing, right?  Or OSHA?

Victoria is silent, and is dragging that ponytail every step of the way.

Frankie takes a dramatic slug of his water.  A few minutes ago he called out to Heath to get him some more water, or GatorAde...anything..

Cody looks like he's waiting on the dock for the sailors.

Maybe he's holding up a sign here, like in the airport...

Amber was talking about Cody's skinny jeans in her highlight reel with Jeff.  I have been watching closely and I must conclude he is wearing said skinny jeans tonight.

Christine literally flew in on the left side here, gliding to a stop at her snowman.

The scenery looks so cool and inviting, so fresh and invigorating. In reality, it is hot and humid as hell out there.  Both Christine and Nicole have had problems with bees in their lanes.  I guess that soapy water is attractive to them.

Nicole also had a cricket in her lane that distressed her.  A few minutes later she felt something crunch under her shoe and she was mortified to think it was that poor cricket.

Frankie, calling for craft service:  How's that water coming?


Frankie:  My hands are turning blue!  My hands are turning blue!  I just threw up in my mouth again!

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