Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frankie's Sister's TV Show Got Cancelled #BB16

Maybe this is old news to everyone, but I have to say that before BB16, I really had no idea who Ariana Grande is...  I actually got her mixed up with some girl named Ariel Winter, who has had parental emancipation issues and rumored sex tapes.

Sorry Ariana, for thinking that was you.

But Ariana has her own drama.  Apparently, in addition to being a singer, Ariana is an actress on Nickelodeon TV shows for kids.  That is where she got her start, I think.

She and another star from an opposing Nickelodeon show, Jenette McCurdy, got their own show called "Sam and Cat" that premiered earlier this year.  The show opened so strong in the ratings that the network immediately expanded it to 40 episodes.

But in July Nickelodeon announced the show is over, literally, and there will not be a second season.

And the conflict sounds juicy.  Here are the highlights:

*  Jenette found out that Ariana is being paid WAY more than she is.
*  Ariana denied this. (But of course she would...she's the one making more money.)
*  Jenette made some sort of comment about an ex-boyfriend, saying he was a terrible kisser.
*  Suddenly, selfies of Jeanette in her underwear were all over the internet.
*  The boyfriend denies it was him leaking the pictures. (But of course he would...he's the one leaking the picturs.)
*  Nothing was too nasty about the pictures...the ones I saw...but Nickelodeon doesn't like that kind of thing.
*  Jennette was pissed about the salary issue, so she skipped the Nickelodeon awards in protest.
*  Yadda yadda yadda...Nickelodeon has had enough.

I'm sure they will give Ariana another show, if they can afford her after her musical success.  And she's been topping the charts since 2013, from what I've learned.

You can read the US Magazine story here.  And then just hit up Google if you want to see Jenette's racy pictures.  I didn't have to try very hard to find them...


I don't have children, so I don't know the full horror of children's television.  I like Sponge Bob, but all of the dramas with the child stars are a mystery to me.

A few weeks ago, I came home WASTED and decided to watch some TV in bed.  (Shocker.) The Sam and Cat show was playing, so I decided to watch it since Ariana is Frankie's sister.

Watching it, I felt like I was on LSD or something (I was only on wine & weed, in reality.)  Ariana was talking in a robot voice, and I could barely understand any of her sentences.  Maybe that was what the episode was about...her being a robot, but really I have no idea.

Pee Wee's Playhouse and Sponge Bob are fun to watch when you're high..but Sam and Cat?  Not so much.

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  1. My daughters liked the Sam and Cat show. I watched a few minutes of one once and wanted my money back....from Dish. Anyways, you want a trippy awesome cartoon? Try Adventure Time. That show makes you feel stoned when you're sober. It's mah favorite.


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