Friday, August 8, 2014

Frankie's Problem This Week is Muy Grande #BB16

Caleb stayed up all night, and had a few minutes alone after his friends went to bed.  Then it was Donny's turn to get up, and Caleb happily chattered away about his plan for the day.  Basically, he was planning on being nominated by Nicole along with Frankie.  Then he wants to throw the BoB comp, leaving Frankie on the block, and Christine out of the HoH Suite.

(The house is targeting Frankie first, and Christine if that doesn't work out.)

Donny eats his one daily Poptart and listens intently to Caleb describe how he wants to "choke Frankie out" today.

(Not literally.  Just figuratively.)

They note what a wreck the kitchen is.  Every surface is covered with dirty dishes and food.  A little earlier when Derrick was up, he told Caleb that Frankie made a lot of the mess, since he cooks and rarely cleans up after himself.

(Derrick is correct.)

Donny knows what a character Beast Mode Cowboy is...he's a fan of the show.  His ankle is a little sore, but he says he thinks it will heal.  He took two Advil for the pain.

Nicole quickly pulled Caleb in Storage to ask him if the plan was still okay with him.  He said it was so she thanked him and left the room.

Nicole:  Caleb..thank you.  I owe you so much.

Caleb:  What?  You owe me lunch?

Nicole:  What?  No, I owe you so much.

Caleb:  Oh.  Okay.

Christine gets ready for the Nomination Ceremony and must feel cozy up in the HoH Suite.

Nicole came back upstairs and was rushing around to get ready.  She said she would have to rock the bun, since she didn't have time for anything else.

(With hair like that, can't you just shake it out and brush it?)

The necklace she is wearing was given to her by her brother, and is an elephant made from two spoons.  She lost it weeks ago and found it yesterday where it fell behind a piece of furniture.  I think she found another piece of lost jewelry with it, too.  She knows her brother must be wondering why she hasn't worn it, so look for Nicole to sport this necklace in key scenes this week.

OK--we had a huge storm here, with a power outage and tornado sirens.  When I was able to reboot and get back online, nominations were over.

Christine nominated Zach and Donny.  Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie, so the plans are on track.

Donny and Zach just got nominated by Christine, but Zach is giggling now and seems relaxed.  They laugh about how funny Caleb is, walking around talking about how he is king of the house and how Frankie's game is over.

Donny:  You and him make the show this year...with your crazy antics and speeches.

Derrick came in, looking for sweet pickles pursuant to a request from Victoria.  Derrick was all business, keeping up appearances.

Derrick noticed all of their Fitness Trackers were on the counter, so he put his on and grabbed a few to take to other people.  Donny asked if he could speak with him for a quick moment, so Zach left.

Derrick says he wouldn't have nominated Donny or Frankie, but it happened anyway.  Derrick acknowledges that it looks like Frankie won't make it another week in the house, but it's his own fault.

I suspect neither one of them is too upset about Team America being split up--they are getting close to the end of the game and both of them want to win the Big Prize.  (I hope Team America ends when Frankie leaves.)

Victoria came in and had a quick celebration about not being nominated, for the first time in weeks.  Derrick made it sound like he's behind that, saying he told the HoHs that Victoria needed a break.

Derrick:  Do you know what's going on now?

Victoria:  Kind of...not Caleb throwing it?

Derrick:  Yeah, and it looks like Frankie is going home.  But just keep walking around like you don't know anything...but you owe me like, nine backrubs.

Victoria left and then Frankie came in, obviously nervous as hell.  Derrick couldn't wait to get out of the room at that one wants to be seen whispering with the weeks' target.

Derrick:  Well, you're in charge of your own destiny now...and you're paired up with a Beast, so good luck.

Frankie, to himself:  This is a clusterfuck.

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