Friday, August 29, 2014

Frankie: This is Not Big Best Friend...It's Big Brother #BB16

The house guests came downstairs and saw America's choice "Snot Roast" for the Have Nots.  Caleb needs two volunteers.

The table is covered with what looks like several varieties of mushrooms.  They also got garlic, and the "snot roast".  I'm not sure what that is, but it ain't pot roast, I'll tell you that, from the long faces gathered around the table.

Derrick mentions again that he already volunteered, and Caleb wonders if anyone else will step forward.

Caleb:  Any volunteers for Snot Roast.....anybody?


Caleb:  This is really hard...who's done it the least?






Frankie:  Caleb, you're the HoH and we'll respect any decision you make...don't worry.  You have to.



Caleb:  Okay...Nicole.

Frankie:  Good job!


Nicole, fighting tears:  It's okay.  It's the game.  I just didn't want to do it two weeks in a row....

Derrick:  We'll make some cool mushroom things this'll be good.

Nicole:  I wanted a peanut butter sandwich to take out there (i.e. the outdoor lockdown for nominations) but I waited too long....I didn't think I would get picked....



In the bedroom Caleb is glad it's over, but felt badly about it.  He mentions that when he asked the group who had been a Have Not the least, Christine pointed at Frankie.  Frankie snickered at that.

Caleb:  I was gonna say Victoria, but I could swear I heard Nicole say out there before that she'd do it.

Derrick:  I think I heard that, too.  Everyone likes the mushrooms, though, except for Cody.  And with the'll be good.

Frankie:  Fuck her!  She's been in the Jury House for a week, having meals cooked for her, cuddling with Hayden, making out and watching movies....fuck her!  This isn't Big Best Friend, it's Big Brother!

Frankie:  And I just can't do it...sorry that I only did it once, but my health can't take it...I don't know if anyone wants an apology for that, but I'm giving you one.

Derrick:  That was the most sincere apology I've ever heard in my life.

(Keep it up Frankie....keep it up.)

Derrick knew this was coming, so he had three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this morning.

Derrick:  I know I'll be sick to death of mushrooms in a couple of days, but it'll be fine.  I'll make a portabello mushroom sandwich...some stuffed mushrooms.....I'll be fine.  It's the least I can do, for $5,000.

BB:  Derrick! Holla!  Holla girl!  Dad Bot you holla!

Frankie, to Christine in a VERY snotty voice (speaking of snot):  And by the way, I accept your apology.

Later in the HoH:

Frankie: Do you think she knows I'm mad at her for that?  I have a fucking disease.  And she has a fucking disease...I have no problem being a bad's not the time of the game for me to volunteer....

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