Sunday, August 17, 2014

Frankie: Let's Put the Baby to Sleep, and Then Stab it in the Heart #BB16

Derrick, Cody and Caleb had a short meeting in the Fire Room about who should to up on on the block.

Caleb:  When were were going in after the thing Frankie asked me who should go up and I said Zach and he said he was so glad I said that.

Just then Frankie came in the room and immediately knew what they were talking about.

Frankie, nodding:  Yes.  Yes I know.  It's gonna happen.

Cody:  I don't think I would even get a vote from Zach if I was up there next to Victoria.  And I don't care what he says to me this week....he can say that Frankie wants me out...I don't care...I really don't.

Caleb:  All I wanna know is should we tell him before?

Frankie:  Yes.  But just before....let's put the baby to sleep and then stab him in the heart!

Derrick:  The minute he knows, he's going right to Donny...

Frankie: Oh, I'm gonna have a one-on-one with Donny to talk to him about it.

Caleb reports that Donny has come to him several times, saying that no one would suspect them working together, and that they're two country boys who are beasts.  Frankie wants to talk to Donny on Sunday, when everything is chilled out.

Frankie:  Zach knows EVERYTHING.  But he wants to go home so badly...

Frankie says Zach keeps bringing up things that happened three weeks ago, and can't get over it.  Derrick is wearing his daughter's baby blankie around his neck.

As soon as Caleb and Frankie left the room, Derrick told Cody that the two of them have to win next week.

Derrick:  We HAVE to win...that's the twosome...Caleb and Frankie...but we can beat them..

Derrick is pretty sure that if Cody was sitting next to Victoria this week, Cody would end up going home because people would get ideas, and people know the two of them are close.  Right in the middle of this conversation, Frankie bursts back into the room.

Frankie:  Euthanize!  That's the word I was looking for...I don't want to murder him...I want to euthanize him, with a slow drip..

Derrick:  You are demonic.

Cody: Dude, that's intense.

Frankie:  It's my preferred method of murder!

And speaking of murderous Grandes, I saw this headline earlier today:

The story is stupid..this one's all about the headline.  But you can read it here, if you'd like.

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