Monday, August 18, 2014

Frankie is So Proud of Himself Today #BB16

The PoV Ceremony is over, and Frankie is prancing around the bathroom hugging everyone and telling them he loves them.

Of course.

He wore his sparkly vest for the occasion.  He also did a rap when he nominated Zach, so you can look forward to seeing that on the Wednesday CBS show.

Frankie took Caleb off the block and replaced him with Zach.

Frankie, to Caleb:  You owe me one.

Zach is already in bed, doing laps with The Sandman.

Derrick is still doing the Fucking Patrol for Team America.  I'm not even going to comment on how stupid that whole thing is.  They all think they're fighting some sort of Saboteur who has been jacking their belongings.  (I thought one of the rules was that they can't blame Production, or a game twist.)

If Derrick loses BB 16, it will be partially due to the whole Team America situation.  He actually seems to think that America gives a damn and that we all want the three of them to stick together.

Christine wants to get on a regular schedule now inside the house, so the "feedsters don't hate her".

Derrick comments on Cody taking his shirt off all of the time, and then admits he's totally jealous.

Christine:  There's no room for jealousy in life.

Derrick:  Yes there is.

Christine:  You just have to focus on your own assets, and how beautiful they are.

Christine:  I think I'm going to set up a fan email account when I get home.

This brought up a discussion of fans wanting Christine to sign things...she says we can just email her to ask about it.  (I'm sure Derrick is referring to Dan's PO box that he set up to receive mail from fans.)  Yes, he mentioned setting up a PO Box, but Christine says she only wanted to email past house guests, not write them letters.

Derrick:  You'll probably get a 1,000 emails a day.

Christine:  That's so weird.   But it will be fun, too.

Derrick:  You'll probably get one from the same person every day...."die Christine, die!".

Christine:  I'll have Tim monitor them, and delete the mean ones.  And then I'll just read the nice ones.

Derrick, imitating Tim:  You got a 1,000 emails today...I had to delete 998, but you'll love the other two.

Victoria is feeling ill, and has been in and out of the DR since last night, trying to address it.  Christine gives a shout out to her mom, who always took care of her when she was sick, and sat up all night with her after she had a miscarriage.

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  1. This Team America task is so stupid and I can't believe CBS is forking out $15,000 for them to complete it. This whole season of "the biggest twists ever" has gone down the drain and it's been such a boring season with every eviction being unanimous.


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