Friday, August 29, 2014

Frankie: I Couldn't Be More Pleased With Everything Right Now. (OK, Pinocchio.) #BB16

Derrick sat on the couch and had a low conversation with Christine.

Derrick:  Remember when you were saying you wanted something, some sort of assurance...well you got it tonight...and he taped that after that's as good as you're going to get.  It was great.

Christine:  Uh huh.

Derrick:  And the two of you are a perfect fit...

Caleb enters the room, after his shower, and is moving on his own. The Alleve must be kicking in.

Poor Nicole.  Pain all over, and probably inside, too.

Frankie chatters to himself...and us, too.  I'm sure he hates us now, and I couldn't be prouder of that.

Frankie:  And I got to see my sister!  Who is so gorgeous it is ridiculous...and my Nona, and my Mommy.  I can't be happier right now with everything....couldn't be happier...

(OK.  Sure, Frankie.)

Derrick thought Christine's knees were going to blow out a few times, from the way she was moving out there.  She agrees, it was rough.

Caleb, to Derrick:  Nicole grabbed me and asked if we could talk later....sure Nicole...sure we can.

Derrick: I think the medic wants to see you again.

Caleb:  Oh, I know he does.

Caleb starts wrapping his leg with an Ace bandage.  He says it is swelling with water, but they all think he didn't tear his miniscus (sp?) after all, since he can put some weight on it now.

Frankie:  Caleb, can you believe how pretty my sister is?

Caleb:  Yeah.  A smoke bomb.

Frankie made tacos, and everyone sat around the table to eat.

Derrick:  That video is driving me crazy...literally driving me crazy. I can't get it out of my head.  I can't believe they did that...I didn't expect it. I thought we'd see the ALS thing (i.e. the stupid bucket challenge), but not this.

Frankie:  Ariana...Mommy....I made dinner!

(What a great horrible picture of Frankie.)

Derrick:  She's like the cat that her thing, those ears?

Frankie: Yeah, every minute of the day. Mickey Mouse ears....Minnie Mouse ears...she loves the ears.

I think Victoria stopped giving a shit about that a long time ago.

Frankie:  And after tonight...she'll have to get in the studio with Caleb....

Caleb:  Yeah.

Frankie:  Or at least a 14 second shout out...he deserves that.

(Frankie, PLEASE say more insulting remarks to Caleb this week.  PLEASE.  Give Derrick something to work with.)

Then Frankie leans over and whispers to Derrick, right there at the dinner table, in front of everybody.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they had a clearly coded chat right in front of everybody.

Derrick: Uh huh..right...

Frankie:  That wouldn't surprise me one bit...and THAT is just a part of what she has to deal with...


Caleb:  Well....I'll just act like that wasn't about me and move on...

(Frankie, PLEASE do more whispering in front of Caleb, too. PLEASE.)

Derrick:  Oh, it wasn't.  100% it wasn't.

Frankie gets ready to shove food in his mouth, and says the following as this picture was taken.

Frankie:  I'll tell you later, when we're naked in bed together.

(Frankie is fucking up big time, not waiting until he's alone with Derrick to bitch about why his sister didn't help them win the Team America task.  Excluding people at a time like this, right in front of their faces isn't a good idea at all.)

Derrick:  But it is something we can't say...

Frankie:  Um hmm.

Victoria looks like Snow White in this picture...

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