Sunday, August 10, 2014

Frankie: Everybody's Scared Shitless of Me! #BB16

I hope no one is eating breakfast while you read this.  In fact, you might want to put your food aside and get a barf bag ready, because the Zankie relationship is back.

Hopefully not like it was before, but my hopes are often dashed...

Just after the PoV ended, Zach went in the Have Not room to get his toothbrush and presumably some clothes to wear to match his PoV necklace.  Frankie followed him in there and they had a furious round of whisper talking.

Zach:  I look for brains and humor in a person...and you have both.  If I was gay, I'd be on my knees sucking your it hurt hurt me that you tried to get me out!  It was like my wife cheated on me or something.

Frankie:  But I thought you cheated first!

Zach:  But you did cheat first!  I put my whole game out there for you.

And so on....let's just hope Zach knows better than to trust Frankie again.

And I wish someone would speak with Frankie about the concept of Personal Space.  He's always got to be touching and rubbing up on everybody.


And don't even get me started about the glitter on his cheekbones.  And the fucking glitter nail polish? Don't even go there. I'm warning you.  I'll vomit.

In fact, if I was the kind of person who WANTED to vomit, I might imagine one of those gnarled sparkley troll fingers sticking down my throat.

***violent hurling***

Frankie:  Don't fuck with the Grandes...we're bitches!

Frankie points out that he saved their game with "what he did yesterday".  (Ugh. See here. And here.)

Frankie:  Everyone is scared shitless of me right now!

(Scared of his sister being a pop star?  Scared of STDs?  Scared of what?)

Zach still thinks their plan to work together could be successful.  He muttered something about Cody and Derrick, but Frankie pointed out he never heard Cody nor Derrick ever say they wanted Zach to leave the game.

Frankie:  I took a shot at you, and I failed, and I"m going to look like an asshole for that.

(No, not for that, Frankie.)


OK.  As BBAD started last night, I was right there watching.  There must be a clock in the BB kitchen, because Frankie was standing at the stove and seemed to know that the TVGN broadcast was starting.

Shit Frankie Said 

*  To Caleb, in the kitchen:  On Sunday's night's show, they'll show ME winning the Battle of the Block, and will lead into Wednesday's show with MY BIG REVEAL.

*  We're really giving the viewers a great show!

*  Maybe my sister will be at the finale...she's so beautiful you probably won't know what to do.

*  Maybe my sister will have a private plane for us to take back home!

*  To Zach:  You can't win Fan Favorite if you come in 1st or 2nd place in the game.  It's in everyone's best interest to just let me go to the Final Two so that someone else has a chance to win Fan Favorite!

(I think we'll just end on that note.  But I'm pretty good at math, and I think it would be in everyone else's financial best interest to boot Frankie out of the house NOW and go to the Finale without him.)

Prediction:  The live feeds after Frankie is evicted are going to be the best ever, as everyone who is faux-kissing his ass can say how they really feel....

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