Friday, August 29, 2014

Frankie: Donny Didn't Do Shit in Here! #BB16

Frankie went over the memory wall and pointed out Donny, and gave the house guests a glimpse of the Real Frankie Grande.

Frankie:  He must be famous.  Because everyone loves him out there!  And what did he do in here?  He didn't do shit!

Caleb, calmly:  He saved himself.

Derrick:  Yeah. Four times...and he saved Jocosta, too.

I think Derrick got a Holla from the intercom after that.  Christine realizes that Cody left his jacket outside in the backyard, and says all of her rings, including her wedding rings were in the pockets.

Caleb:  Go tell the DR..

Christine:  I would, but he's in there...

(Cody's been taping voiceovers for the competition in the DR.)

Production pays tribute.

(You know they must just abhor "The Talent".  i.e. Frankie)

Derrick prepares to shower, and chats with Nicole, reaching out in a friendly way.  Derrick is always working the Jury angle, and I'm sure he's aware Nicole could very well save herself with the PoV.

Derrick tells her that she was way ahead of him when he asked Cody if he should go for the money instead of HoH.

Derrick:  What was I gonna do, come in fifth?  I wasn't gonna quit, that's for sure.

He tells her that by the end, Christine's snowman was over half filled with slush.

Nicole:  Yeah.  If I had figured that out earlier I might have had a shot.

In the kitchen Frankie is still putting on a show.  I think he thinks no one at the dinner table would ever talk without his trying to entertain them.  It is so obvious from looking at their faces that they just want Frankie to STFU and act normal for a while, but I'm guessing that part of Frankie's personality got busted a long time ago.

Frankie made the fucking fish salad again, and as usual never tires of talking about it.  Caleb says it's good.  He's never had it before, but he has ordered planked salmon before in a restaurant.

(That's a big thing in fish on a cedar plank.  I had it up on Lake Erie, in Traverse City.  Nicole's hometown of Ubly is in the "thumb" of the state.)

Cody appears from his DR session and Christine asks him if her rings were in his jacket.  They were, he says.  She says she wants to go in the DR real quick, before someone else goes in there, to discuss the missing jewelry.

Do you think the Grande family used eating utensils growing up?  Or did they just use their hands and touch everything?

It's pretty bad when someone named "Beast Mode Cowboy" looks like Emily Post sitting next to you.

Frankie pooh pooh's Christine's concerns, saying her rings aren't going anywhere, but Cody gets it, and is sympathetic.

Cody:  But what if they grabbed the jacket, and they fell out...

Caleb:  They'll all be out there looking for it if they did that...

Frankie keeps going on and on about how good the fish tacos are with the rice.  Cody's going to try one.  Production gave them some sort of powder to mix with water for their dehydration.  Victoria mixes up a glass for herself and says it gets fizzy, like a Sprite or something.

Cody gets a piece of salmon and Frankie tries to push the rice.

Cody:  Won't it be all soggy?

Frankie:  No!  It's like sticky's very Chipotle.

Frankie:  Here, take some.

Christine comes back in the room and says the DR will look for her rings, and the jacket.  Cody sounds worried but Christine says she knows it will be okay.

Caleb:  They probably didn't even touch that was way over in the area away from where we were.

Christine:  That competition was just awful.

Caleb:  Well, we asked for it...we got it.  (i.e. an endurance challenge)

Caleb reports that his knee started really hurting him about halfway into the competition.

Caleb:  I just bit my handkerchief and started saying cadences to get myself through it.

I feel I must report that Christine has said she "took on a lot of phlegm" during that competition and told us that she will be "coughing stuff up all night".  I know everyone loves her sneezing and honking, so a little coughing and spitting might just be the cherry on the cake of our day.

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