Saturday, August 2, 2014

Eve Shaves Adam's Head - Beast Mode Baldie #BB16

Caleb and Victoria went back in the DR to prepare for the next phase of Caleb's punishment, which involves Eve shaving Adam's head.  Frankie snuggles up to Cody and announces he will make a salmon salad, mispronouncing "salmon".  Frankie would be happy to eat some sort of fish salad every day, but I have heard the house guests saying it is starting to get old for them.

I understand loving something so much you could eat it every day, but the house guests no longer clamor around to eat the fish salad.

Frankie uses two forks to pulverize a piece of cooked fish. I think he added Dijon mustard or maybe it was mayonnaise, and that was it.  He put a few handfuls of spinach in a bowl and added some of the salmon salad, olive oil and vinegar.  Then he left the rest of the salmon salad on the counter, uncovered, and left the room.

Caleb and Victoria came out of the DR and Caleb announced the type of shaver they were given, and then the house guests followed them through the house on the way to the bathroom to witness the shaving.

Victoria can't be in front of a mirror without messing with her own hair.  She has issues with that, of course. 

Caleb shows her the razor and gives some simple instructions.  She kind of shrugged it off like she knows what to do.  Look at Jocosta in the background.  Her ass is still on the block, but if she had been willing to do what Victoria is doing maybe things would have worked out differently.

(I love Zach, but can you imagine being chained to him for two days?  Oy vey.)

Derrick came over, in Helpful Mode as always, and moved the chair Caleb is going to sit on away from the bathroom rug.  He's probably imagining what the floor is going to look like in 10 minutes and was thinking strategically.  It's not like anyone else would think of that, right?  Hell no.

Caleb announces that "they" are making them new costumes, because the leaves are falling off, and  tries to hand Victoria the clippers. She is busy, however, fussing with her own hair and doesn't take them at first.

Caleb:  Here, do your thing.

You'll note that Zach has joined them in the picture above, but he looks impaired, doesn't he?  Is this the last "Hot" picture I will take of Caleb Reynolds?

We get FISH, probably so Production can give them some last minute instructions.  After all, you can only film a head shaving once.  I think they were giving safety instructions, because when we return you can feel the nervous tension.  Victoria "practiced" a few full head strokes while the clippers were off and Derrick stepped in to give some assistance.

Derrick is standing by, ready to jump in and apply a tourniquet or maybe just pressure to the wound.  They have to wait for Donny so someone went to go get him.  (I heard Donny say on BBAD that he wants to shave his beard off next Thursday...I hope they let him do it.)

Caleb gives a eulogy while he waits.

Caleb:  Hair, I have loved you since I met you.  I have kept you clean when you are have been my best friend my whole life...

The cameras slowly close in on Victoria's face as Caleb eulogizes his hair.  It''s an interesting moment, for someone who reported losing her own hair three years ago.

Donny finally shows up and Derrick announces that it is Game Time.  Caleb would like us all to know that he hasn't shaved his head in seven years, since he was in the Army.

Guess who placed himself to get right there in the effing camera shot? You're a little long in the tooth for the McCauley Calkin pose, hon.

Once Victoria gets going she seems very confident.  Even Derrick said she is doing a great job.  Everyone wanted her to go down the middle at first and they all laughed.  A little too much laughing, I think, particularly from Christine. It sounds a little mean spirited to me.

 Maybe Frankie won't have to fake shock during Monday's PoV ceremony, huh?  We can only hope...

They all comment on how handsome Caleb still is with no hair.

Hayden:  Damn.  I thought the rest of us would have a chance to be the best looking guy in here...nope.

Pieces of Caleb's hair have fallen into his lap, amongst the leaves, and Hayden thinks it looks really funny and points it out to everyone.

At one point it seems to get to Caleb, because he gets snappy, saying they "have to clean this part up".  Derrick said he will "line him up" with no problem.  Derrick cut Caleb's hair before the live show and says now that all his work went to waste, but one of the girls pointed out how nice his hair looked on live TV.

Donny:  I guess there's no way to ugly him up!  He's too purty.

I love this picture.  If not for Big Brother, there is no way any of these men would ever know each other.  Now, they are bonded for life, and one of them just might win a half million dollars.

Caleb Reynolds is one tough cookie.  And he's a good sport, too. As long as Caleb is in the game, he'll always be a bigger target and this helps guys like Cody, Hayden and Derrick.

Finally Victoria announces she is finished and Derrick steps in to clean up the edges.  Apparently they got approval from the DR for Derrick to do this.  Frankie announces Caleb's is now "sexy as fuck" but a few seconds later says "by Thursday it will be sexy again".

Donny says he looks better than Brendon did with a shaved head.  (And that's saying something, because Brendon looked fine.)

D-Rack to the rescue.  (That's his nickname in the house.)


From the FeedWatcher archives, please enjoy this blast from the past, when Brendon Villegas had to shave his head to win the PoV when he was on the block, and also had to be chained to Britney Haynes for 24 hours (they HATED each other at that point in the game) and also dunk himself in chum for 24 hours.

Good times....

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