Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't Talk Shit About Sergeant Derrick Unless You Have a Good Getaway Plan #BB16

And unless Zach can jump over the wall outside, I don't think he can escape this.

OK.  At about 2:20 am BBT, the shit starting splashing all over the place, after Zach ran his mouth with Victoria a little too much.  At the end of my last post, Derrick had interrogated Nicole alone, and then invited Victoria to join them to continue the conversation.

(You can get up to speed on this incident here.)

Derrick got right down to business, telling Victoria that people are talking and he needs to get to the bottom of it.  He begins by summarizing the events of the evening as it pertained to her, just like any good police report.

Derrick:  Well Zach pulled me in the beehive and said I needed to talk to you, that Nicole had been walking around telling you some lies about me.

Nicole:  You know, about the alliance.....why are you looking at me like that..I got pulled into this...Zach is blaming me for everything he told you, and that's bullcrap!

Victoria: I know, I know Nicole.  Zach pulled you in a room?  Why would he do that?

Nicole:  Because he's trying to cover his tracks!

Derrick tells Victoria to just listen...he's trying to tell her what happened.

Derrick:  Zach pulled me into the room and said Nicole had told you a bunch of damaging information that was mostly lies...that's what he told me and I'll pull him in here next and he can confirm that.  His exact words were that Nicole was telling you a bunch of lies, that I was playing you.  I told him that if Victoria really believes that, she can never speak to me again.  That's my exact words, and you will hear that is exactly what we said.

(Damn, Derrick is good.  How can his wife ever win an argument with him?)

Derrick:  I am absolutely not working with Zach.  And I don't even know Nicole that well, but I'll say this in front of her.  I've been nothing but a friend to you this entire game, your're like my sister.  I've never done anything in this game to hurt our relationship in this game, or the one we're going to have outside of the house when the game is over.  I'm saying it right here in front of the cameras and Nicole.  Everyone in this house knows who I am.  What bothers me about it, is that you walked by me three times and didn't say anything to me about it.  You talked to Nicole, and you talked to Frankie.

(This is a classic Guy move...called Reversing the Heat.  Basically when you are upset with them, they turn it around so that it is your fault, and you apologize.  It's happened to me more times than I can count....)

Victoria insisted that she didn't talk about Derrick with Frankie---they talked about their personal lives and other topics they always talk about.  (I watched a little of the conversation, and all I heard was Arianna, Arianna, You Tube, etc.)

Nicole, raising her voice:  I have done nothing wrong.  I just talked to you because you were upset.  Zach just got worried about telling you crap and blamed it on me.

Derrick says Zach is going to be interrogated next.  Victoria says that she thought Nicole would understand, because she "just lost Hayden" and then they just go in circles about that.

(So, Hayden is to Nicole as Derrick is to Victoria?  In her own mind, I guess.)

Derrick says Zach is a liar, and that is why he went directly to Derrick saying Victoria needed to see him, because he knew he was in trouble.

Derrick:  Let me ask you this, Zach was supposed to go home last week, you know that, right?

Victoria:  Yes.

Derrick:  Well, why would I vote out Zach if I was supposedly in an alliance with him?  We can talk about this privately later if you'd like to, but I don't mind talking in front of Nicole.  I don't play that game--I have a family to represent and a daughter who will see this one day.  I'm not going to betray someone else's daughter on TV.  You took something Zach said...ZACH RANCE... and you believed it and questioned my loyalty to you.  If we're being honest about this right now, I should be hurt by you, for not trusting me and not coming to talk to me directly.

(Bravo Derrick...damn that is some good Heat Reversal.)

Derrick:  If anything, people would think that you and are are working that right?

Nicole and Victoria nod yes, it is.

Derrick:  If someone like Cody told you that, I would understand you listening and being concerned.  But Zach?

Derrick plans to call Zach out, and then tells Victoria they're playing Big Brother, and people approach him for alliances all the time.

(I don't know about you, but if I'm ever in Rhode Island, I don't plan on breaking any laws.  If Derrick was questioning me, I think I would admit to everything I've ever done...)

It's all too much for Victoria, who begins to weep, right there in the bird's nest.

Derrick:  I'm a grown ass man, and I'm not here to tell lies to 23 year old girls.

Nicole went over to comfort Victoria,saying she's sorry Zach did that to her.  Derrick walked out of the room to go get Zach.

To be continued....right here, baby.

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