Monday, August 4, 2014

Donny's HoH Letter from Kristine #BB16

Here is the transcript of the letter Donny received from his girlfriend Kristine.  She certainly seems to love him and whatever happens in the game, he does have a lot to look forward to at home.

Hey DJ, Squirrel, Zippy, Brown Eyes, Poopy, Sweetie, My Love –

Well, if you are reading this, you won HOH! Congratulations! You earned it and deserve it!

Everyone is doing well and they all say “Hey”! Been talking to Penny, Ma and Tommy a lot. Your house, yard and chicken truck are all in good shape. I sat on your bed and took your chicken truck for a drive. You know there’s somethin’ bout a truck! Bear and Josie miss you! They can’t wait for belly rubs! Woof Woof!!

I’m still going to the gym a couple days each week and to the pool on the weekends, but neither one is fun without you. I get bored and lonely :(. Watching some fireworks with the dogs this week, but it’s not the same without you either (wink). Been going to Albemarle on weekends to look at houses and to visit Ma, Daddy and Tommy, getting some good home-cooked meals, too!! Narrowing down the list of houses for when you get back!

I miss you so much. I miss your kisses, holding your hand, your touch, your hugs and your massages with those wonderful hands. I miss snuggling with you and lying next to you in bed. I miss the way you smell. Since you’ve been gone I have realized that there is an emptiness in my life and a void in my heart without you here. You complete me and make me whole. You mean the world to me and I don’t ever want to be without you or away from you like this again.

Hope you are thinking about me a lot. Think about us walking on the beach…Sunset Beach would be a good image!! Can’t wait to see you! Can’t wait to go to the beach again! When you get back, we need a vacation after all this!! :)

You are doing a great job in there! You deserve this more than anyone. Keep it up! We are all very proud of you. Stay strong and positive! Sending heart hugs, prayers and lots of love your way. God be with you. I love you so much! “Thank you for loving me!” You know there’s somethin’ bout a truck! xoxoxoxoxo

Love Always, Your Biggest Fan,

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