Thursday, August 21, 2014

Donny Loves MTV #BB16

Zach ate a fresh cookie and said it was perfect, the way Derrick baked it.

Zach:  Shout out to the TVGN viewers...we'd be nothing without you!

Donny:  Oh no...I've been sayin' HGTV every night...the home and garden network.

They all laugh and Christine says her mother loves to watch the shows on HGTV.  Donny likes the gardening shows.

Zach poses a question to everyone...if you could only watch one channel on TV for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Derrick, with no hesitation:  ESPN.

Donny:  Hmmm....I like to watch MTV.

Zach:  What?  MTV?

Donny:  The Real World....the Challenges....

Zach:  Are those shows that good, that you would miss Baseball Tonight?

Cody:  I was about to say ESPN, but now I'm thinking MTV.

Donny:  But lots of times on ESPN, they're just talking about baseball, but with Teen Mom on MTV, you can't go wrong...

Zach cracks up at that.

Donny:  And True Life?  You can't miss that..

This brings up a discussion of the True Life show where the girl was compelled to eat sand from the sandbox.

Donny:  You know darn well the cats are peeing in that sand...

Derrick:  And the girl who eats toilet paper all day?  That'd be a deal breaker for me..

They discuss the True Life "I have OCD" episode and Zach thinks some of it is exaggerated.  They also discussed the episode where the girl ate deodorant all day.  Donny started talking about his own battle with OCD, and people listened in fascination.

Donny used to check his back door at home so often that he broke the knob off.  He started hanging his hat on the door after he checked it the first time and that solved that problem.  He also checks his emergency brake in his truck so often that he broke off that handle.

Derrick:  Do you really use your emergency brake that often?

(Does anybody?  Particularly with an automatic car?)

They discussed The Backstreet Boys, and Derrick knows a lot about what they do now, and how much money their tours make. He mentions the Wahlbergs are from Massachusetts, and have sold out concerts in a casino near his home.

They discuss "O-Town" and "Making the Band", and Caleb sung part of what was apparently an O-Town song without being reprimanded.

Christine says that Aaryn sold a lot of things last year on Ebay after the season ended.  They wonder what they can get for their used Fitbits, and Donny wonders if he can cut off pieces of his beard to sell.

Zach:  Pieces of Donny's beard are going to be worth thousands of dollars!

They all laugh.

(Meanwhile Zach has a huge bag full of BB props he can sell...a plastic crab, a skull, etc.)

Zach:  I can sell signed Gator shirts!  Ebay is going to be my life after this!

Derrick explained the P.O box process, so that fans can send them things to sign after the season ends, or other presents.  He says Gina Marie still gets things in the mail to sign.

Zach:  Where am I going to keep all my fan mail?  My house is so small!

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