Friday, August 1, 2014

Derrick's Work is Never Done #BB16

Victoria has been whining for Derrick to come and talk to her, ever since nominations.  He made himself some lunch, ran a few errands, and then met with her in the Have Not room.

At first they were just talking, with Derrick making encouraging remarks.  He told her that 15 minutes after it starts, she could win and then it's all over.

Victoria: It's just so much pressure...

Then she started crying, the kind of crying where your shoulders start hunching up and then you are officially bawling.  Derrick opened his eyes wider and I could almost read his "oh shit" thoughts and then he did the right thing.  He sat up and moved over to Victoria's bed to comfort her.

For just a second...a split second...she had her hand on the back of Derrick's neck, and then she moved it to his shoulder.

Because we all know what the "hand on the back of the neck" means, right?  Uh huh.  You're barking up the wrong tree there, Missy.

He makes some reassuring comments to her, but she's crying really hard, so conversation is impossible on her end right now.

I know with me, I don't cry like that very often, not even once a year.  So when I get started, I tend to start factoring in all sorts of different reasons for crying, particularly if someone like Derrick is there comforting me.

Right after I graduated college, I bought a brand new Honda Accord that was loaded with features.  At 10:00 am the morning after I picked up my new car at the dealer, a drunk driver rear-ended me at an intersection without even braking, hitting me so hard I rammed into the car in front of me.  The point of the story is, I was alone and was bawling like our friend Victoria here and I clearly remember the police officer telling me "at least you're not hurt and you have money and can pay for all of this".  That officer was no Derrick, I have to say.  But then again, the drunk had just taken a swing at the officer when he approached the car and the drunk had a loaded gun in his hand.

Ah, the good old days.

***Key Learning***  Every bad thing that happens to you will make a great story later.  Sometimes much later, but trust me people will be entertained by it.

As Victoria's crying stops, the hug moves into the next phase, where Derrick uses both arms, using one hand to pat her back.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of Derrick's behaviors, but if I were Derrick's wife I would be irritated as hell.  "Where's my hug", I would be thinking.  But whatever...maybe he will come home to her with half a million dollars.

Now Victoria moves into the post-crying phase where all you have is clean up to do.  She has a seriously runny nose that is simultaneously stopped up.  She has a roll of toilet paper with her so at least she is prepared.

(You shouldn't use TP to blow your nose if at all possible---it is treated with chemicals to make it break down faster in water, and you don't want that on your skin.  Plus, it smells gross.)

Now Derrick tries to leave the room, but has to give another hug, this time standing up.  On the positive side, Derrick has cultivated Victoria's trust very well, and she will do anything in the game that he tells her to do...a valuable asset indeed.

Derrick makes his escape and Victoria went in search of a place to nap.

In the living room, Derrick chatted quickly with Caleb, giving him a scouting report.

Derrick:  With Victoria, you need to keep her up mentally...she's got the tools to win otherwise, but she needs mental strength.

Caleb:  And Jocosta's been on slop for a week..and it's hot out there.

Derrick encourages Caleb to nap, since it may be another two hours or so before the competition.

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