Friday, August 29, 2014

Derrick.....HOLLA.... #BB16

Derrick sat on the couch and chatted with Cody and Caleb about their big night.  They can't believe they saw videos of their families, and Derrick discusses going for the $5,000.

Derrick:  I asked him (Cody) if I should go for it and he told me no....then later he told me I was getting smoked by both you (Caleb) and Frankie...there was no way for me to win.

Caleb:  I was wondering if somebody would go for that...if it was $10K....shoot...

Derrick:  Yeah, I'll take $5,000 for the college fund. That's more than I make a month.  I just wanted to be sure it wouldn't torture the whole house, and people would want to get me out.

Caleb:  It's $5,000---who cares?

Derrick:  I just didn't want to fuck up the whole house.

Derrick:  I'll try to stay away from you guys, so the sound doesn't bother everybody.

Cody wonders what's wrong with Caleb's upper lip.  I guess it is cracking or splitting or something.

Derrick:  He's fucking need to drink bro.

Just then the voice comes over the loudspeaker:  Derrick!  HOLLA!

They all weakly holla back and laugh.  It's funny.  Derrick wonders who recorded that.

(I'm wondering why they don't tape Jurors like ZACH and Jocosta hollering at them...and Zach...and Zach...ha ha ).

(Or maybe even their families..since they were there shooting tape already.)

Derrick tells Caleb that his lip was purple, and he can't wait until Caleb sees it all on TV.

Caleb: You fell about a hundred and ten times, dude.

Derrick:  Yeah.  About a hundred times.  I wasn't sure I could make it.  And the last time...the last time I fell?  I fell right on my fucking mic pack and I literally thought I was gonna fucking cry.

Derrick's feet hurt.  His toes are in bad shape from the too-tight shoes.  I heard them say last night that the without the shoes they could have glided more easily, like skating.

Derrick:  That was no fun.

Caleb's dogs must be barking tonight.  Along with his knee and every other body part.

Caleb:  Yeah, my feet are bad.  But I had bad feet, anyway.

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