Thursday, August 7, 2014

Derrick, to Zach: Don't Even Effing Pack Your Bag. #BB16

At about 1:30 am BBT, Frankie and Caleb took Zach into The Hive to give him a heads up that after much ado, he would be staying in the game this week.

Frankie:  Hayden and Nicole are actively working to get you out...

Zach:  Why do they want me out?

They mention things that Zach has said to them that threaten people Nicole and Hayden are working with.

Frankie:  We've been telling them and everybody else that we will vote you out....but we're all going to blindside Nicole and Hayden!

Zach:  ***mind blown*** WHAT?

Caleb explained that Nicole and Hayden were trying to turn all the guys against each other, leaving them with the majority vote.

Frankie:  In the last three hours, we figured it out!

(Uh....I think Caleb actually figured out the math.  But they all have to concoct a story that blames the whole thing on Hayden and Nicole, so they have an excuse after the shit blows up tonight.)

Derrick came in and told Zach several times not to say a word about this to anyone...and just know that he is safe.

Zach:  100%?  I'm locked in?

Derrick:  Don't even fucking pack your bag.

Zach went around the circle giving sincere handshakes and thanking everyone.

Derrick:  We all talk a lot in this house, but now we've got to start fucking locking it down and watch what we say to everyone.

Zach gets up to leave (and hopefully go back to bed so he can keep his stinkin' mouth shut) and asks if he should put up Hayden and Donny if he wins HoH in the double eviction.

Derrick:  Whoever you want...Hayden and Donny...Donny and Nicole....

Zach is surprised Hayden is a snake and Caleb says he thought he was cool with Hayden, too.  Derrick blames Amber's eviction on Hayden too, saying that he's trying to hurt their numbers every week.

Zach:  My mind is blown...I'm going to go to sleep if I can..

Derrick:  Just lie down... and remember that all day tomorrow you're nervous...up there you're nervous (i.e. the HoH lockdown)...

Frankie:  I don't think so...remember everyone thinks that we are blindsiding maybe you're not nervous.

After Zach leaves they say that if Zach does win and put up Hayden, there will be no question that the lines are drawn in the sand, as their game will be out in the open. 

Frankie:  Every thing I worried about with Hayden turned out to be true...


  1. Just when things were getting interesting, we're back to BORING.

  2. If you think any move that would evict Jocosta over Zach is boring, then far be it from me to change your mind.

  3. Yeah, keep Zach at any cost, keep the status quo, don't shake anything up, just watch the ducks fall one by one, just like they are supposed to, all locked down, everyone out at their appointed turn. Line them up in order, march them out the door.


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