Thursday, August 28, 2014

Derrick: Shout Out to The Feedstahs! This is What You Buy Them For! #BB16

Victoria has a little water in her snowman.  She should have just gone for the money.  No one there would blame her for it.

Christine is in this.  She's making it look easy on the runs.  She has said that she runs three miles a day at home, so that training is certainly showing here.

Here she is dipping into her tub.  Frankie keeps talking to himself in that stagy way he has.  If he wants to be famous he should develop his own personality and not constantly imitate others.

That is Frankie's snowman on the right, with Nicole's in the middle below and then Christine on the left.    Derrick keeps thinking about his video.

Derrick:  Cody, your dad looks like a straight G!

Cody:  I know!

I loved seeing the videos and it was a refreshing surprise.  Some of them dipped their heads down in shock and missed seeing some of the video.  Like Derrick didn't watch Tenley says "I love you".

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